Anti-Defamation League reveals the Nazis behind White Lives Matter...

Todd "Justa Whiteman" Biro, of Niagra Falls, New York. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

The Anti-Defamation League published a post this afternoon which reveals many of the Nazis responsible for the White Lives Matter hate group. The article reveals the names and sordid histories of the patchwork of ex-felons and Adolf Hitler devotees that are the brawn and the brains behind the racist group. These are the losers that rallied in front of the NAACP in Houston, Texas a few weeks back with Confederate flags.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

The butthurt Nazis are currently planning a protest of the ADL, which they have labeled "anti-white".

Ken Zrallack aka Ken Harris. (Image courtesy of the ADL) 

Among those exposed in the ADL piece are Ken Zrallack (Kevin Harris), Travis Golie, Rebecca Barnette, Ken Reed, Doug Chism, Horace Scott Lacy, Bill Hagan (William Quigg) and Melissa Dennis.

Horace Scott Lacy. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Restoring the honor!


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