A Blast From The Past: Susan Hathaway on the Southern Nationalist Network podcast

I bet Susan thought she'd never hear this old gem again.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Because I would think she would know by now that Michael Cushman was a former member of the Neo-Nazi National Alliance.

  2. Replies
    1. Does anyone believe that she has no idea what Nationalism is? She appeared on a podcast titled "Southern Nationalist Network". Cushman is an ethnonationalist. White Nationalists want to re-segregate our country. Folks, if the nationalists have their way, they won't have to worry about having disagreements with Cooper, because she won't be allowed in their ethnostate by law.

    2. Well maybe you should enlighten her. But I cannot believe she is that ignorant.

    3. Jacob, get a grip. Until very recently, Southern Nationalist meant something very different from White Nationalist. When Southern Nationalism began to change, I criticized it. But Susan is so focused on heritage, I doubt she pays much attention to ethnic nationalism.

      The white nationalists you get into such a frenzy over are a minute minority; they will never bring about an ethnostate... so it's not reality you're worried about. You just think people shouldn't be allowed to think things you disapprove of/disagree with.

      BTW, have you seen news stories of blacks who want to segregate themselves? Why no haranguing them?

    4. Corey, I'm sure she knows what it is in theory; I don't think she combs the Internet looking to see who supports it and who doesn't. That is not her interest or her mission.

    5. But as far as Cushman's former membership in the National Alliance, I think very few people know that.

    6. Not that ignorant, Corey. Just interested in putting her time and effort into other things.

    7. Although you would think that she would want to know who is joining her in her other efforts. Not knowing makes it appear she accepts their ideology. Which I think she does...as well as you.

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