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Reading The Tea Leaves: Clinton's post debate bounce...

Hillary Clinton seems to be enjoying a fairly nice bounce following her debate with Donald Trump. According to 538's Polls Only Forecast, Clinton has been successful in turning both Nevada and Florida blue again. As I said this weekend, Florida is Clinton's best chance of putting this election in the bag, and I would continue to fight hard to put Florida solidly in her column on election day. It will be interesting to see if this bounce lasts through the next debate. Based on the current chances of winning as detailed above, here's what the Electoral College map looks like currently:

I suspect there will be some re-tightening of the polls between now and then.  Now, onto the bad news for Trump, he isn't inspiring the white voters he really needs to win the election according to 538.

"Here’s a scary stat for Democrats: In 2012, President Obama won re-election by almost 5 million votes, but about 47 million eligible white voters without a college degree — including …

When did white nationalism become a constitutionally protected class?

That's right folks. Apparently, white nationalism is the newest constitutionally protected class. At least it would appear so, as the white nationalist hate group, the League of the South took advantage of the meeting rooms at the Faulkner County Public Library in Arkansas this weekend.

According to the Libraries webpage, "the library will not discriminate on the basis of any constitutionally protected classes." Thank goodness. White nationalism clearly needs to be afforded all of the same rights as any other legitimate community organization (heavy sarcasm). See a copy of the Application for Facility Reservation below.

Keep in mind that the "library board reserves the right to review, accept, or reject any or all applications that fail to comply with the above rules." It is unclear at this time if hate group status is taken into consideration during the approval process or not. It is also unclear if the library system takes into consideration the personal cha…

The capitulation of Andrew Soper...

Even with God Emperor Trump on the verge of his rise to power of the new American Reich, Andrew Soper capitulates to pressure and declares himself "not racist". 

Restoring the honor!

"Was it a SCV meeting?"

Mmmmm, not quite Laurie Knotts. Arlene conveniently forgot to mention it was a meeting of the racist hate group the League of the South, a fact she knows all too well. The League is the equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan in Polo shirts and khakis. They hide behind the Confederate flag while trashing it, and it's devotees, who they call "Rainbows" and "Cuckfederates", out of the other corner of their mouths. The hate group has more or less been using Confederate Heritage as a recruiting pool, and Barnum is giving them more cover here. Folks, this is a hate group. Michael Hill calls the hate group designation a "badge of honor". He openly admits that he is a racist. The gathering was the Arkansas Chapter of the League of the South's State Conference.

It was organized by the Arkansas Chapter's Chairman R.G. Miller of Harrison, Arkansas. Speakers reportedly included James Edwards of the Political Cesspool, Mark Thomey, Chairman R.G. Miller, and Brad …

Reading The Tea Leaves: My gut prediction is that Clinton will lose this election if she loses this debate...

Folks, the map above is the prediction I made two weeks ago. It assumes that Clinton will lose a bunch of huge states that Obama carried in 2012, like Ohio, Florida, Iowa and even Nevada. Right now, Clinton is hanging on by the skin of her teeth. Democrats who still believe that this is going to be a cake walk for Clinton might end up being disappointed on November 9th. There is so much riding on this debate. I predict that if Clinton loses this debate, her poll numbers will continue to decline. She does not have to lose a lot of support to lose the election because she is already in dangerous territory. Even though she starts out at a serious Electoral College advantage over Trump, she's not performing as well as Obama did in 2012. If she continues to hold on to the majority of the states on my map through election day, but loses just New Hampshire, Donald Trump is your next President.

Clinton's margins and polling have been looking pretty good in a bunch of the states that …

Police release video showing Keith Lamont Scott walking backwards calmly with what appears to be no gun in hand...

Do you see a gun on the ground next to Mr. Scott? I don't.

Mr. Scott was walking backwards calmly in this frame. He does not appear to have a weapon in hand. Later frames of this same video show his right hand, visible here, bloodied. The police claim there was blood on the gun. 

Where is the gun???

Can anyone find the gun? The police sure can.

I don't see a gun, how about you? Watch the entire video here. Folks, this shit has to stop. Our police need to be held not to a higher standard, to the HIGHEST standard. I do not care what other evidence they introduce, my eyes don't lie, and this man is not holding a gun. Excellent commentary from the Washington Post's Eugene Robinson:

"If you are a black man in America, exercising your constitutional right to keep and bear arms can be fatal. You might think the National Rifle Association and its amen chorus would be outraged, but apparently they believe Second Amendment rights are for whites only.In reaching that conclus…

Heritage activist David Duke reportedly to defend Andrew Jackson monument in New Orleans...

Well now. It's really going to start getting difficult now. Duke is more or less forcing Heritage defenders to side with him by attaching himself to their fight. How will they respond? (Note: I did not say Confederate Heritage.) Via David Duke's personal website (I'm not providing a link):

"Dr. David Duke has announced his intention to personally defend the iconic Andrew Jackson statue in New Orleans against “Black Lives Matter” hate in downtown New Orleans on Saturday morning, September 24.The “Take ‘Em Down Nola” group, which has aligned itself with the Black Lives Matter movement, has publicly threated to “tear down” the statue, located in Jackson Square, New Orleans, this weekend.“I am going to go down there in person to protect our heritage,” Dr. Duke said.“Andrew Jackson was one of America’s greatest presidents, and hero of the 1815 Battle of New Orleans,” Dr. Duke said.“There is no reason for the Black Lives Matter hate group to target this statue, other than a…

"I have a tree with enough room for all of them if you want to settle this Wild West style"...

So apparently this Jordan Samson fella thought it would be a good idea to make a comment about lynching, because yeah, that's funny. Via WCBI:

"Ole Miss students are crowding the Lyceum on the Ole Miss Campus in reaction to a Facebook comment made by an Ole Miss student.The protest grew when a post by Ole Miss student Jordan Samson was picked up by New York Daily News columnist Shaun King and quickly went viral.  In the post reacting to the Charlotte protests Samson stated”I have a tree with enough room for all of them if you want to settle this Wild West style.”After word spread Ole Miss issued a statement which said in part “Some social media comments suggest or condone actions that are inconsistent with our core values, our university Creed and in some cases encourage action in direct violation of university policies.”It’s that statement that is drawing concerns of the students and fueling the occupation of the Lyceum.  The students working with the University chapter of t…

Hate Not Heritage: Is celebrated Black Confederate activist Arlene Barnum literally a white supremacist?

Folks, no one is condoning or making excuses for the 17 year old minor who gave marijuana to a 3 year old child in the video, but you cannot stereotype an entire race of people based on the actions of individuals. Arlene Barnum too, represents the worst of this world. This woman is absolutely deplorable, and it puzzles me why groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans recognize her with certificates and honorary memberships, etc.. What good has this woman ever done for the Heritage movement? None that I can see. This woman is a class-A racial arsonist. This post is absolutely to sow hatred for an entire racial group by another, and I am denouncing both the 17 year old depicted in this video, and Arlene Barnum for their equally despicable actions. Folks, people like this should be shunned by the Heritage movement, but instead, they are embraced as examples of honorable behavior. I'm going to throw up now.

Restoring the honor!