White Nationalist joins the Virginia Flaggers and Heritage Preservation Association at joint "Heritage" event...

White Nationalist Dennis Durham and David Randall at a joint "Heritage" event in Danville, Virginia last month. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Sweet and innocent Susan Hathaway forgot to tell you about this. She also forgot to tell Denny to take a hike, because she doesn't want racial segregationists at her joint "Heritage" event, with the Heritage Preservation Association last month, or did she?

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Wonder why she didn't mention it?

Denny says racial "segregation forever"! He's a swell guy. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Susie and company should stop pretending that they don't know who Denny is, or what he advocates.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

By the way, I think this makes Denny a Virginia Flagger? At least, if we take them at their word it does...

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Mudhoney - Sweet Young Thing
(Ain't Sweet No More)

Restoring the honor!


  1. See folks, all you have to do to become a Virginia Flagger is "join them", just like "hundreds of people" (including Dirtball) have already done. It's so easy, even a white nationalist can do it! Can't help but wonder if Denny and his alleged child porno buddy Jason Sulser took the Flaggers advice to "start a Flagger movement" in their area? You remember that group, don't you? It's the one that suddenly ceased to exist...

  2. Seddique Mateen, Democrat, supporter of the Taliban and Sharia law at Clinton rally-

    1. Stop spamming my page. I let this through so you could be informed that this is your only warning. This has nothing to do with the topic. I don't even support Clinton.

  3. Ever notice how Connie is silent on the ones with images?

    1. Check out these images:



  4. Clearly Susan was 4 human lifeforms away from Dennis. So, there were not at the same event.

    Right, Connie? I'm getting the hang of it!

    VaFlaggers should not be associated with, or presumed acquaintances of, anyone that attends VaFlagger functions, "is" a VaFlagger, "is" a member of the VaFlagger FB group, has been highly praised as gifts from God by Susan, is a self-proclaimed Heritigian, donates land for the VaFlaggers to raise their rags, or has any such communication or contact, mentally or physically, or occupy the same general space....

    That about covers it doesn't it? These people want to call various Democrats "teflon". I'd say the VaFlaggers have elevated "teflon" to an art form.

    1. Everyone is a Virginia Flagger, but no one is a Virginia Flagger. That's easy enough to understand.

    2. Isn't that what they call deniable culpability?


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