When Rainbows Attack: Who has it in for Wes Bellamy?

(Images courtesy of Craigslist)

Folks, who on earth could be responsible for this? You don't think it was a Rainbow Confederate, all butthurt over monuments and stuff, do you? I mean, do we know anyone, anyone at all who has a vendetta against Charlottesville Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy? Folks, the most surprising thing of this entire online attack is that it is chock-full of white supremacist memes and talking points about blacks. Wow.

(Images courtesy of Craigslist)

It is common knowledge that the heritage folks are mad, but this? Methinks that this is going a bit too far. I personally hope that no one they know is responsible for this. Whoever it was, they apparently have a good deal of knowledge of all things online, since the "We Wuz Kangz" meme originated with the /pol/ 4channers. Anyone know someone in the Heritage movement with those kinds of skillz? Speaking of Charlottesville, looks like a member of the Blue Ribbon Commission has pulled out for unknown reasons.

Restoring the honor!


  1. If some of those white supremacist memes are lies, prove it.

    1. Baltimore: Those aren't the same areas. Even if they were, it doesn't make them true. Areas, particularly downtown areas, go back and forth through gentrification all the time.

      Slums have always existed. There was plight in 1950s Baltimore, too.

      Since they aren't looking at the same areas, neither will I...
      Baltimore 2016:

      Africa 2016:

      On the flipside, I'm sure you're aware of some of the more rustic dwellings about in the US.

      But, posts like those show the ignorance of things beyond their personal scope.

    2. Connie doesn't know jack shit about Baltimore because she's probably never been there. I work there every day and I've seen the conditions that the cities poor residents live under. It is incredibly sad that we have had in place for such a long time a system which violently oppresses people of color. Connie, bring your fat ass to Baltimore and I'll take you for a tour. I'd like to see how long you live, telling the residents all about how the conditions they live in are all their fault. Inner city conditions were created over an extended period of white rule. Any historian who looked at the facts could verify that claim. Tell me Connie, did blacks run the government through reconstruction beyond the Civil Rights era? So who in the fuck do you think put in place the policies that created ghettos?

    3. She doesn't know history. She ignores the problems white flight caused along with the cutting of the funding that was reducing poverty. She ignores all the facts in favor of her white supremacist bullshit. She and the rest of her racist scumbag heritage buddies only want to present a lie to everyone.

    4. I'm well on my way to compiling all of the data and facts I need to make her look like the pathetic piece of white trash that she is. These memes and data were clearly posted by a white supremacist who believes that blacks are inferior to whites. I've already discovered numerous problems with the data, especially how it is being deceptively cited. Anyone with two braincells (which obviously doesn't include Connie) could look at the facts presented and see that they don't support the claims. Her shit is about to get wrecked.

    5. All you have to do is just let her type away. If she read Grand Expectations and Restless Giant by James T. Patterson she might learn something. But she will not read those books because she is afraid to learn anything that challenges her racist fantasy world.

    6. Dimmy ignores the fact that the $22 trillion spent on the Great Society programs (including 80 welfare programs) the past 50 years more than makes up for the largely illusionary impact of "white flight." Oddly enough, there's still an awful lot of poverty out there, (the poverty rate was 19% in 1964, it's 15% now -- not much of a drop after spending $22 trillion) and people like Dimmy would rather blame white flight than to find out what failed and fix it -- because that would require showing leftist government spending programs for the failures they are, and Dimmy would rather leave millions in poverty than indict his demented leftist ideology.

    7. Aw, I'm flattered, Jacob, that you'd put forth such pointless effort on little ol' moi, but it would be better for you to concentrate on facts and data refuting the claims. I mean, if something is true, what does it matter if a white supremacist points it out? If it isn't true, then what difference does it make who make the claim? Just point out the facts. If you're just doing it to prove somebody is a white supe, you're calling your motive and method into question... Follow the facts where they lead, Jacob; don't embark on some ridiculous vendetta that really proves nothing.

    8. Dimmy, if you're recommending them, they're probably a bunch of leftist claptrap...

    9. "Follow the facts where they lead" - What we say to Heritigians aaaaaall the time.

    10. "t would be better for you to concentrate on facts and data refuting the claims. I mean, if something is true, what does it matter if a white supremacist points it out? If it isn't true, then what difference does it make who make the claim?"

      Oh don't worry, I have facts and data. The memes and claims were cited deceptively, that is, they were cited in such a way to mislead. In addition, the spreadsheet pertaining to murders in Charlottesville has tons of problems. You'll be reading all about it soon when I have the time. There are some bits that are true, or are close enough to be considered true, but overall, the information that was posted was presented in such a way that it actually detracts from the hate for blacks that it was trying to convey. What I would love to know is, who posted it? Because although this is clearly the work of a white supremacist, there is some question as to whether it was "just a white supremacist", or whether it was someone we know within the "Heritage movement" who IS a white supremacist. I can't say for sure, but my gut instinct tells me it is the latter. Obviously, the Heritage folks are mad at the Charlottesville City Council and have singled Bellamy out for their attacks.

    11. Baltimore:
      "It is incredibly sad that we have had in place for such a long time a system which violently oppresses people of color....Inner city conditions were created over an extended period of white rule."

      That is exactly what the Demo party wants - a permanent underclass of voters dependent on government handouts and the party of handouts.

      2017 will mark the 50th straight year with a Democratic mayor. Can't change anything in 50 years? They don't want it to change.

    12. Jacob: "You'll be reading all about it soon when I have the time."

      So are you gonna do this first, or the Sulser list first?

  2. Hey KKKonnie, you might want to go back and use facts when you make up your fantasies. The number you used is way too high, but I know that doesn't matter to you. The facts are this: Johnson's Great Society programs were effective and lowered the poverty rate in the US by almost 10% in less than six years. When Nixon was elected the monies began to be cut to the programs and they withered away which is what conservatives wanted. They didn't want poverty erased and they didn't want racial equality. You know all about that.

    But you aren't interested in facts, just more lies to protect your mythology.

    So go read some actual history books and learn something. Oh that's right. You don't want to learn. You just want to live in a fantasy world. Well, that's just too bad isn't it? Get ready for President Hillary. Bet you whine about that and keep making up lies just like your Fuhrer leader, Trump.

  3. Leftist claptrap. I love this. It just shows how scared KKKonnie is of anything that proves her wrong. She is terrified of factual history. She is the perfect example of ignorance in America. If it will challenge her assumptions and beliefs, it must be leftist and ignored. Stick to FOX! Don't open one's mind. Shut out all other sources of information.

    Talk about someone who is proud to be stupid. KKKonnie is a great example of deliberate ignorance.

  4. Dimmy, for somebody who is always demanding that others "use facts" you sure avoid facts and substitute your ideological fabrications and your puerile name-calling. Honestly, reading your posts, it's hard to believe you hold a paid position in the education racket....

  5. What's really funny, Dimmy, is that you haven't let a single new thought in your hermetically sealed brain in who knows how long. You say the same things over and over and over and over and over... Everything you say about me far better fits yourself.


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