What Hath Susie Wrought?: Hate flag template being exported to North Carolina

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Following on the heels of Alabama and South Carolina, and cut from the same mold created by Susan Hathaway and the Virginia Flaggers, North Carolina becomes the next state to be threatened with hate flags. Looks like our hate flag map is going National folks.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

The group, known as Actbac NC, says it plans to spend approximately $38,000 over the next two years to raise 23 hate flags along I-40 in North Carolina. Counties that they are currently eyeing for potential hate flag locations include: Haywood, Buncombe, McDowell, Burke, Catawba, Iredell, Davie, Forsyth, Guilford, Alamance, Orange, Durham, Wake, Johnston, Sampson, Duplin, Pender and New Hanover.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

At this point, I think it is safe to assume that the Heritage agitators hope to see Confederate Heritage harassment and intimidation in the form of hate flags, spread all across the South. Anyone want to place your bets on which state drops next?

Restoring the honor!


  1. Indeed. Pieces of cloth are soooooo intimidating....

  2. BTW, polls show most people don't see the Confederate battle flag as a hate flag, so you're out of the mainstream, Jacob. You're on the lunatic fringe.... LOL!

    1. Now look at the breakdown of those polls. Sharply divided along racial lines. And when you look at whites, there's a sharp divide when you look at those that are educated vs those that aren't. So, yes, please keep tooting your "mainstream" horn. You'll fit right in with the "mainstream" at the Trump rallies.

    2. Depends on which poll, sledridge....

    3. Does everything divided along racial lines bother you?

      "educated" = indoctrinated.

    4. "Depends on which poll" - Oh, I was using the CNN poll y'all like to espouse.

      "Does everything divided along racial lines bother you?" - Depends. But, we know you revel in it.

      "educated" = indoctrinated" - Color me unsurprised.

      Speaking of indoctrinated... I learned about Confederate Memorial Hall at Vanderbilt yesterday.

      The building was completed in 1935.[2] It was designed by architect Henry C. Hibbs.[1] Its construction was supported by a US$50,000 donation from the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1933.[3][4] It was used as a residential building, where female students who descended from Confederate veterans and intended to study for a teaching career were selected by the UDC to live free of charge. - from the Wikipedia.

      My that was nice of them to make sure women were furthering their education... I mean, indoctrination. But, I wonder why they wanted women in teaching. Hmmmm....

    5. Just have to love people who think education = indoctrination. Connie is therefore claiming she is not educated. And it shows.


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