Virginia Flaggers stir the racial hatred pot...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, the first thing that should be pointed out is that there is zero proof that there is any correlation, whatsoever, between Confederate rag removal and this apparent Church vandalism in Danville. Personally, I think it is irresponsible for the Flaggers to give any impression that there is. Secondly, why would anyone aligned with Black Lives Matter directly implicate the group by tagging with "BLM"? That is illogical. You know what I think? I think a white person likely did this, probably one that loves Confederate flags. Would not surprise me. Via WDBJ:

"A church in Danville was vandalized Saturday morning according to Lieutenant Scott Eanes.
At 6:49 a.m., a call about vandalism was made to Christ the King Lutheran Church at 1172 Franklin Turnpike in Danville. The vandalism consisted of spray paint on the church and broken windows.
Lt. Eanes says some adjacent houses were also spray painted.
This investigation is ongoing.
Anyone with information about this should call the Danville Police Department at 434-799-5111 or the Danville Crimestoppers at 434-793-000."

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

I know that you're probably asking yourselves why a white person would do something like this as I have speculated. Sympathy. To create hatred for the other. 

Case in point. I think we know who she is referring to. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

See how that works? 

Exactamundo. The Flaggers appear to have already made up their minds. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Something definitely smells wrong here. Just because the words "Black Lives Matter" were used does not mean that blacks are responsible. Let's hope the police find those responsible and hold them fully accountable for this cowardly vandalism.


(Image courtesy of Southside Central)

Southside Central is spot on, once again!

Restoring the honor!


  1. Quote, "Virginia Flaggers stir the racial hatred pot..."

    How typical -- calling those who point out racism the race haters, but ignoring the racism of the grafitti and its creators...

    Quote, "Secondly, why would anyone aligned with Black Lives Matter directly implicate the group by tagging with "BLM"?"

    Um, because they're stupid?

    Quote, "You know what I think? I think a white person likely did this, probably one that loves Confederate flags."

    You know what I think, Jacob? I very often think the same thing in reverse. I think some hateful "anti-racist" leftists impersonate heritage supporters and says hateful, racist things. Why would a leftist anti-racist would do something like that? To frame and smear heritage supporters and create hatred for them.

    There's as much evidence for what I think as there is for what you think.

    And pardon me for pointing out reality, but the VaFlaggers original post says nothing, I mean absolutely NOTHING, about the vandalism being perpetrated by blacks. YOU read that into it, Jacob. You have a total, constant race-obsessed mentality.... You really need to do something about that.

    1. 1) And just who are those "creators"? Y'all apparently used your super-dooper sleuthing skillz, so come on, out with it already... Tell us who did it already. The truth is, you don't know, or do you?

      2) No. This appears to be a horribly bad frame-up job. I think the cops should have an easy time determining which direction to look for clues. I note that a Heritage group coincidentally undertook an apparent illegal activity in Danville, just a few, short weeks ago under the cover of darkness. Is a pattern emerging?

      3) Here you are again with this already debunked, bullshit claim. The last time one of you morons said this I proved you wrong. Y'all have zero, ZERO proof of this claim. Show me one comment, just one that was covered here, that was posted by a Leftist and made to look like one of y'all. Just a single one. Show us, or STFU.

      4) No there isn't.

      5) The VA Flaggers posting clearly points to "appeasement". This is just more dog whistle, coded language. Heritage folks have a history of claiming this so-called "appeasement" is for the benefit of blacks. Even you have claimed this. You cowards are too afraid to come right out with your thinly veiled white supremacy, so y'all speak in your code-speak. When the Flaggers speak of "compromise", they are referring to blacks, have no doubt about it.

    2. I don't have the slightest idea who perped the graffiti. Horribly bad frame-up job? LOL! You can tell that looking at some pics on the internet? You need to offer up your services to the cops, kinda like those overly made-up psychic women with purse dogs who tell cops where the bodies can be found....

      Jacob, don't get your knickers in such a knot. I made no claims. I said, "I think...." That is the expression of OPINION, not a CLAIM. You know the difference between and opinion and a claim, don't you?

      The concept of dog-whistle, coded language is a leftist fabrication. Leftists such as yourself are FAR more likely to respond to what YOU call "dog-whistle" coded language than the people you THINK it is intended for. In fact, everything you attribute to the hated rightwing, heritage folks, and such are more accurately attributed to you leftists.

      The term "white supremacy" is becoming like "racism" -- no objective definition, but so fluid and elastic, it can be stretched to cover whatever beliefs of behavior the accuser wishes. Moreover, accusing somebody of white supremacy is increasingly rooted in hatred.

  2. Wasn't there a heritigian found to be spray painting "BLM" of "racists" or something along those lines, on Confederate monuments in an effort to rile people up?

    I was trying to find it, but, I can't remember the details.

  3. I'd like to point out that historically, because of very strong historic and cultural reasons, black people (even activists) do not desecrate houses of worship. Historically, that appears to be the province of white racists, as evidenced by the fairly recent spate of arsons committed against black churches, the Birmingham church bombing that murdered four black children and the murders carried out by racist Confederate sympathizer Dylan Roof. Historically, those aren't isolated instances. Simply the most egregious.

    A couple of other "tells."
    1. BLM has numerous white allies and members. It would be uncharacteristic and self-defeating for them to use the term "whitey."
    2. "Whitey" hasn't been used by angry black movements since the 60s. Even then it was rare. There was another, "preferred" term for those they disliked. The term "whitey" only has any currency in the fever dreams of white racists.
    3. BLM activists don't typically use the term BLM. They usually spell it out as BlackLivesMatter and usually, especially if abbreviated, include a hashtag.

    This strikes me as yet another clumsy, gauche attempt by yet another anti-black racist, in their perennial attempt to "spark a race war" as they so often attest when caught and questioned.

    1. I agree. Very transparent. Danville is overflowing with white racists with a rag fetish.

    2. Generalizations. They don't apply to every single person in the BLM movement, or in the black community, and if the person it doesn't describe happens to be the one with the can of spray paint....

      The hashtag is used online, not usually in graffiti. "Whitey" is far from out of fashion. In fact, look at this photo. This "Kill Whitey" image was on the twitter account of Jacob's anti-racist friend and One-People's-Project buddy "Liberty Lamp"...

      It isn't quite so cut and dried, now is it?

    3. Now who would desecrate a church?

      1. White Southerner
      2. Black Southerner
      3. White Leftist Radical

      Easy. #3.

    4. Anyone could have.

      I don't know if it was a white person or a black person, and honestly I don't really care. It's pretty fucking sad that someone would do that to a place of worship whatever their motivation. I only threw out a suggestion to play devil's advocate. It's irresponsible to make any assumptions at this point. It is however just as plausible that a white person is responsible as it is that a black person was, or any other color or race of person for that matter. The bottom line is, it was wrong, and I hope whoever did it is caught and punished. Why can't that just be the narrative? Why do people like the Flaggers have to go throwing their despicable beliefs into the mix? We know exactly what was meant by their comments, they aren't difficult to decipher the meaning.

  4. Cannot imagine what in Danville could be making African-Americans angry?

    1. Well, according to Jacob, they aren't angry ... this is the work of white folk ... according to Jacob.

    2. Might be. I would put it past some of the white supremacists, kidnappers, child pornographers and the likes that the Virginia Flaggers hang out with.

    3. VaFlaggers don't hang out with people like that. Jacob has yet to post a list of the "Sulser" events supposedly attended by the Flaggers. Right now, my guess is that the list will never be compiled, never be posted, because it can't -- the Flaggers attended no such events.

      Kidnappers? There are no kidnapping charges against any Virginia Flaggers or people they "hang out" with.

      As for "white supremcists" -- see my comment about that above....

    4. Let's get something straight, the list you are waiting for me to compile isn't even to back up my claims, they are to back up the claims made elsewhere. I am under no obligation to provide to you a list. The claims were specific to Jason Sulser, although Connie expanded it to include Dirtball. I already told you that I have gathered all of the info, but at this time, I'm waiting for the courts to decide if Sulser is innocent or guilty of the charges. The list CAN and WILL be compiled, but it won't be done on your timetable. As far as how often Sulser appeared at events with Flaggers, one must first consider the criteria for "being a Flagger". It's my belief that the Flaggers are a purposely "fluid" group. It's hard to say who is, or who isn't a Flagger. If you base it on the Flaggers words alone, anyone who joins them in "defending their heritage" IS a Flagger. That would include Sulser. Based on their words alone, if I show up to one of their events, I could be a Flagger too, just like Klansman Skip Rogers, and longtime, well-known racist Ron Doggett have both done in the past. Everything relating to the structure of the group is ambiguous, and I don't think that's by mistake. Sulser clearly wasn't one of the 50-or-so "core" members, but he could be considered to be a Virginia Flagger. Regardless of his status with the group, the issue never was whether he was a "member" or not, the issue is that his behavior is dishonorable, and the fact that the Flaggers can't even bring themselves to say that is sad. I believe there is a very good reason why they won't acknowledge him, and that is because they refuse to address ANY controversy at all. It's all part of their tightly controlled modus operandi.

      As for others comments, I'm not going to waste my time litigating other people's comments and beliefs. People are free to make their own minds up about Confederate Heritage groups like the Flaggers for themselves.

    5. Connie...I have images of them hanging out with people like that...images you have seen and cannot deny that Susan and Company are in the same images as those people...have heaped praise on them and thanked them.

      You lose.

    6. "I'm waiting for the courts to decide if Sulser is innocent or guilty of the charges."

      You mean THAT'S what determines whether the Flaggers attended his events? Nutzoid, Jacob.

      People from different groups show up at the same event; that doesn't make them all one big groups... Sheesh... You get more childlike in your "understanding" all the time so you can make your ridiculous conclusions.

      You are welcome to your opinions about the Flaggers -- welcome to be wrong, mistaken and hate-driven....

      Showing up and flagging doesn't make you a Virginia Flagger. It may make you a flagger.... but those are different things.

      I dunno what would be the point of the Flaggers saying something is sad, except to appease you and others who hate them.

      Obviously, you want to influence what people think of the VaFlaggers. That's what your whole flipping, hate-blog is FOR.

    7. Corey, the snap of a camera's shutter is practically instantaneous. It can only document what happens in the instant the shutter opens and closes. What happened before the instant? The photo can't tell us that. What happened after the instant? The photo can't tell us that. You "fill in that unknown" before and after with your hate, Corey.

      I don't lose Corey, I'm not in any contests. But you certainly don't win. Nobody who carries around the hate you do is a winner -- hate which you've been carrying around and slandering people with since I first encountered you online in 1999 -- and who knows how long before that. It has damaged not only your credibility but your character and your ability to distinguish reality and right/wrong.

      If you think internet pictures can determine truth, let's do away with courts and trials. Just look at internet pictures and decide who is guilty and who isn't.

      Yer nuts.

    8. Oh, Connie wants to talk about time. Let's talk about all of the time that's elapsed since the shutter snapped and what hasn't happened in all of that time...

    9. Yeah Corey, we're the haters for pointing out that Heritage folks rally with Klamsmen and Neo-Nazis, and say nothing to correct or shame their own folks, who affectionately refer to blacks as "niggers". Didn't you know that? We're the bad guys...

  5. "Police say they are investigating this as as an act of vandalism."

    Well, duh! Folks, until an investigation ends with the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons responsible, this crime cannot be labeled as a hate crime, because we don't know that race was a factor. Surely, race was inserted i the vandalism, but by whom, and for what reason? We don't and won't know until they find out who is responsible. The usual suspects are confirming what we already know about them.

    Check out Southside Central, who knocks it outta Susie's park!

    1. Oh, Jacob, that Southside comment is hilarious!!! It's always amazing how people imagine that their opinion somehow magically becomes fact when they express it.

      As for the rest, get real. Often, crimes against anybody but white people are implied to be hate crimes by the media and commentators before the investigation has even begun.

  6. "Virginia Flaggers don't hang out with people like that." So says Connie Chastain.

    Oh, really? Want to start here?

    Guess the Flaggers will have to deal with Chastain's claims again. I'll remind them to thank her.


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