Virginia Flagger head gives mad props to candidate who appeared on white nationalist podcast, called Black professor a "dirty black bastard"

Susan Hathaway calls Everett Corley a "good man". (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Remember folks, this is a "good man".

Yeah, this guy... Folks, lets clarify some things. Hathaway is gushing over a guy who appeared on a white nationalist podcast titled "The Ethno State". An ethnostate, is when you divide a country up into individual, racially segregated "nations". The host of the podcast, is well-known corporate lawyer and white nationalist William Johnson. Johnson is the head of the American Freedom Party. The American Freedom Party is affiliated with the Traditionalist Workers Party (Matthew Heimbach's group), which in turn is aligned with a racist skinhead group, known as the Golden State Skinheads. You may remember them, because they are the nice guys that Heimbach organized the rally in Sacramento with, which devolved into a riot, in which multiple people were stabbed. Yeah, those great guys...

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Restoring the honor!


  1. Connie? Your thoughts...Susan isn't even hiding her connections to white nationalists anymore.

    1. Dennis Durham was at the last rag raising. He was photographed near Hathaway holding the rag in front of the Surherlin Mansion. Durham is an advocate for racial segregation. They know who he is, and what he is advocating. They do not care.

    2. Oh I know...I have been dealing with Connie since about 2000 or 2001.


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