Virginia Confederate Heritage Flagger makes bail, gets sent right back to jail on child porn charges...

Virginia Confederate Heritage Flagger Jason Sulser. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

This creep was in jail on 50 counts of possession of child pornography. Apparently, he made bail, but there's a catch... Via

"A Stafford County man who had already made bond after being arrested on child pornography charges was sent back to jail Tuesday.
Jason Charles Sulser, 39, is charged with 50 counts of reproducing child pornography as the result of an investigation that began in April after his roommate noticed images on Sulser’s computer of girls who appeared to be 10 to 12 years old.
The roommate, who is Sulser’s cousin, called the Sheriff’s Office and the home on Wakefield Avenue in southern Stafford was raided.
Sulser last week received a $25,000 bond in juvenile and domestic relations court. He posted the bond and was released from the Rappahannock Regional Jail, but prosecutor Ryan Frank appealed the lower court’s decision to circuit court.
On Tuesday, Judge Victoria Willis overruled the lower court and sent Sulser back to jail to await a preliminary hearing in juvenile court later this month."

The report goes on to add:

"Detective J.R. Duggins obtained a search warrant and at least 100 images were recovered from Sulser’s computer.
Defense attorney Vince Ventura asked the judge to let Sulser remain free. He said it could have been Sulser’s son, a younger teen, who downloaded the images. He also said there were other people who had access to Sulser’s property.
But Frank argued that the boy and other family members moved out of the home in December and numerous images were downloaded after that.
Frank said that the ongoing investigation has also revealed that at least one of the images found on the computer was also on Sulser’s personal cellphone, something the lower court judge wasn’t aware of.
Frank also referred to an online voicemail left by Sulser in which he talked about engaging in sexual activity with a 13-year-old girl. When confronted by state police, Frank said Sulser told them he was simply “role-playing.”
Frank added there is no evidence that Sulser had been with a real girl.
All but one of the 50 charges Sulser is facing carry mandatory five-year prison terms, meaning he could face up to 245 years if convicted of all charges."

If Sulser is convicted, we're going to take a look back at his Confederate Heritage Flagging days. Ah the memories. Looks like he's going with the ol' role-playing defense. Good luck with that...

Restoring the honor!


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