The Heritage circus rolls on...

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Folks, have the Sons of Confederate Veterans let their ancestors down by not fulfilling the charge? Via The Brunswick News:

"Communication appears to be the biggest casualty in the case of the missing flags at the gravesides of Confederate veterans buried at Oak Grove Cemetery in Brunswick.
The guardians of those Confederate graves were unaware that the keepers of the cemetery had removed the flags, citing maintenance and aesthetic reasons. But the local Sons of Confederate Veterans are not appeased by the explanation of the Oak Grove cemetery Society, which said the flags had grown faded and tattered since being placed for Confederate Memorial Day back in April.
The SCV reported the flags to Brunswick police as stolen on Aug. 13. Now Robert Gindhart, president of the Oak Grove Society, said someone should have contacted his organization before reporting the flags as stolen to police.
Gindhart said the SCV, the police and the press all should have contacted the society. 
“There is no theft,” Gindhart said Monday. “I was amazed and appalled that no one bothered to contact us. Why didn’t they contact us?”
However, Hal Crowe, the lieutenant commander of the Brunswick SCV chapter, maintains that the Oak Grove Society had no business removing the flags without first contacting his organization.
“Right now I’m not feeling really amicable because I don’t like the tone of his email,” said Crowe, referring to an email Gindhart sent Saturday to explain his group’s actions. “We should have been contacted.”
The Oak Grove Cemetery Society maintains and preserves the 178-year-old cemetery under an agreement with the City of Brunswick. The cemetery is home to dozens of graves of Confederate veterans. It also includes graves of Union veterans who fought in the Civil War, which took place from 1861-65. Veterans of several other distant American conflicts also are buried there.
As part of Confederate Memorial Day on April 25, the SCV chapter honored the graves of more than 70 confederate veterans with flags, using the third national flag of the Confederacy rather than the controversial “stars and bars” battle flag. Gindhart said he mentioned to the SCV in April that the organization should make plans to take the flags up after a certain period of observation or maintain them on a regular basis.
On Aug. 13, local Sons of Confederate Veterans members noticed that 70 of the 78 flags were missing from Oak Grove Cemetery.
By the time the society removed the flags during a regular clean-up day at the cemetery earlier this month, Gindhart said they had become tattered, torn and faded. In his opinion, the flags were too weathered to pay proper respect, he said.
“We’re trying to respect the flag and respect the honored veterans,” Gindhart said. “It’s a dishonor to have flags in that condition.”"

Oh boy. And as if that wasn't enough, for extra shits and grins, head on over to to read more about this 5 alarm dumpster fire.

Restoring the honor!


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