The Big Grift: Connie Chastain's BIG plan, for BIG cash...

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Who knew that Chastain was the BIG brains, behind the BIG cash being raked in by the Heritage movement via THE BIG GRIFT?

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

"The Virginia Flaggers are the most effective heritage organization we have."

That's scary! Read the entire plan here.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Here is a list of other "Heritage" groups with hate flag raising initiatives:

    Actbac (NC)

    First Capitol Flaggers (AL)

    South Carolina Seccessionist Party (SC)

    The Virginia Flaggers are the template that all of the others will follow. There is a movement under way to get this going in every Southern state.

    They think that this is "winning", but they are wrong. All they are doing is sapping their own movement of time, energy, and money from fighting real battles. This is all smoke and mirrors, they have had zero success. They are supposedly fighting to keep their "Heritage" front and center, but show me a battle they actually have won...

    My observation is that communities are doing their best to try and ignore these public nuisances. That is a mistake. Ignoring a problem is what allows it to grow. There are things that can be done to slow or stop these hate flags. I'll write about that soon.

  2. Jacob, underdog movements often have to endure long periods of little to no success and progress, particularly when the opposition is pervasive and extremely powerful. The left once wasn't nearly as powerful and pervasive as it is now. It faced a daunting task fighting Christian America, where church attendance was widespread, morals were upheld in the popular culture and taught in schools ... But they followed the instructions of their mentors, Antonio Gramsci and Saul Alinsky, and gradually made headway. They're on top now, and the country is falling apart, because that was what they intended ...

    We will gradually make a difference, too, and our movement will pick up momentum. But don't worry, it's not the dangerous, hateful movement you try to portray with your lies.

    1. Oh yeah, my lies:


  3. Gracious, Jacob, such meller-drammer over the fundraising ideas. Too bad we have scruples; if we didn't, we could raise millions, like the Clinton Foundation...

    So you've been lying when you said you just wanted to make info available about the heritage community. In fact, destruction is what you want. I'm not surprised. Destruction is what leftism is all about.

  4. Jacob, your observation is wishful thinking. We live in an era when elected officials and community leaders cave at the slightest suggestion that somebody is "offended" because they don't want their cities and towns burned down and looted, they don't want rioting in the streets. And, Jacob, the heritage folks aren't the ones rioting, burning and looting....

    1. Or maybe they just want to let the facts speak for themselves. Maybe those elected officials are not racists. Maybe those elected officials are intelligent people who know the lost cause to be the lie that it is.

      Maybe they are not dumbass conservatives who are white supremacists like you, KKKonnie.


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