The ACLU is defending the Klan's "right" to dump trash onto private property?

(Image courtesy of WJTV)

Apparently so... Via WJTV:

"The American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi received a complaint from a Ku Klux Klan member, stating that a sheriff wants to charge KKK members with littering for distributing fliers.
The ACLU said that the statement was made by the Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey. The ACLU sent a letter to Sheriff Bryan Bailey about the comment.
The ACLU said charging KKK members with littering for distributing fliers would constitute unconstitutional retaliation against them for exercising their First Amendment Rights.
In July, some Florence residents received brochures that were from the United Dixie White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.
The brochures were dropped in their yards. Sheriff Bailey made the comment after that incident occurred."

Believe it or not, I honestly see a legitimate argument, in the Klan's favor no less, when they say that they are being discriminated against when it comes to having their name on a highway trash pick-up sign or to participate in the program. Why do we even have to have signs to tell people who is picking up the trash? The entire concept is dumb. If you want to pick up trash, go pick up trash. Do we really need a sign telling us that you're picking it up? I don't. I think they should just do away with the entire program as it is completely unnecessary anyway. Everyone already has the right to go pick up trash to their hearts content if they want to, they don't need to be part of a special program to do it. However, I think the ACLU is losing it's marbles here. Now, free speech rights trump property rights? Seriously, think about it. What's to say that I don't have the right to burn a 1,000 Confederate flags, and then go dump the ashes in Susan Hathaway's yard? It's art, right? The ashes represent my beliefs on the flag, and if the Klan is successful in having a precedent set here, will it not be fine for me to dump my "speech" in her yard going forward? See what I'm saying? The ACLU is wrong on this. I love free speech as much as the next guy, but dumping unwanted flyers onto private property is not protected speech. If the Sheriff can prove who dumped the flyers, I agree with them charging the Klansmen for littering. If we don't draw a line here, where do we draw it?

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