Southern Poverty Law Center profiles the "Cushman Flag"...

(Image courtesy of the League of the South)

The Southern Poverty Law Center has published an article on the League of the South's ditching of the Confederate flag for the "Cushman Flag", named after it's designer, Michael Cushman. Perhaps the best thing about this flag, is it makes it easy to identify white nationalists at "Heritage" events.

George Randall at the South Carolina Secessionist Party's first annual flag raising in Columbia, SC last month. Note the "Cushman Flag" patch on his vest. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

You can run, you can hide, and you can deny it until you're blue in the face, but that ugly flag is going to give you, and your rotten beliefs away.

George and Donna Randall flag in front of the Sutherlin Mansion with the Heritage Preservation Association. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

George Randall was observed in conversation with Kyle Rogers, former webmaster for the Council of Conservative Citizens at last months flag raising in Columbia, South Carolina, which was organized by the South Carolina Secessionist Party. Kyle sells flags and other assorted LOSer merch (like George's patch) via his personal business venture, Patriotic Flags. How convenient...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

See how those puzzle pieces all fit together? So if you're ever at a Confederate Heritage rally, just look for the black X, white nationalists won't be far behind.

Restoring the honor!


  1. you idiots love to play your games you the one writing this crap are nothing but the hater, a leftest, the flag you are talking about has nothing to do with the flaggers , susan has nothing to do with what some of us belong too and the league of the south is not a hate group, why is it when we want to +protect our european heritage and christain heritage we are a hate group, but other culture ok.

    1. I don't know who you are, but you seem very angry. You should go cool off before you do something rash. I am assuming that YOU are a LOSer? Since you didn't post under your own name, that tells me that deep down you are ashamed to be a white nationalist. If you are a LOSer, here is a tip for you. Go look at what that group has accomplished in 20 plus years. Pretty sad, right? Now, go hang your head in shame knowing that the group is a giant FAILure, just like the "Heritage" movement.

      As far as Susan or the Flaggers, I don't recall mentioning either her personally, or the group in this post. Furthermore, the entire "Heritage" community has a responsibility to tell people such as yourself that you aren't welcome at "Heritage" events. That they do not allows us to draw conclusions about what "Heritage" is all about. This is the entire idea of the rallying cry "Heritage Not Hate", which really means nothing because it has no claws.

      One thing is for certain, I doubt anyone will be seeing a coward like yourself on Monument Avenue Saturday while we continue dismantling white supremacy.


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