No opposition planned for threat to "Heritage" in Richmond this weekend

This weekend, we get even closer to destroying white supremacy, as the Fight for 15 and various other groups will march down Monument Avenue to the Robert E. Lee statue unopposed. No signs of opposition from "Heritage" groups or Southern Nationalists appear to be planned. 


"RICHMOND, Va. -- An estimated 10,000 low wage workers are expected to march down Monument Avenue Saturday, the culmination of the first ever “Fight for $15” movement convention. Advocates with the “Fight for $15” group are calling for policymakers and big businesses to take steps towards a $15 per hour minimum wage for all workers.
Organizers said they strategically picked Richmond for the convention because of the city’s role as the former capitol of the Confederacy.
"We really want to draw links between the racist history of the United States and current policies that are happening now and the low wages workers are experiencing,” said Kendall Fells, National Organizing Director for Fight for $15. “These are workers who are going to work every day, doing everything by the book, but yet they can't seem to get by. Even though they work for corporations that are making $5-6 billion a year in profit.""

Looks like they've thrown in the towel folks!  

Restoring the honor!


  1. Folks, the pervasive racism and oppression that minorities and the poor face today is grown, not only out of the Confederacy, but it is much more defined in the South. The Confederacy was a government built on the backs of slaves. While we need improvement across the board (that means our entire country, North and South) monuments to the Confederacy are constant reminders of white supremacy. They belong in museums, not in public. The Yankees aren't fighting to maintain reminders of our white supremacy, but our friends are, as well as creating new ones. I applaud Fight for 15's decision to hold their National Convention in Richmond, VA, to put an exclamation point at the end of the symbolism of Confederate Heritage. Heritage folks talk a good game, but they're not going to be around this weekend while the public gets an education on what the Confederacy stood for and symbolizes today.

  2. Here are some of the groups that appear to be slated to attend, who are opposed to the long-running system of white supremacy which is oppression millions of American citizens on a daily basis:

    Fight for 15, Richmond Struggle Committee Initiative, Sierra Club, SEIU, AFL/CIO, CWA, Reverend William Barber II, President of the NC NAACP, as well as many more, I am sure.

    Here is a list of everyone coming to defend the "Heritage":

    Any questions?

  3. Donald Trump's campaign symbolizes the last throes of white supremacy in our country. As the system gets closer and closer to destruction, the voices of its supporters will grow louder (as we are already seeing), and their actions will grow more and more extreme.

    The real reason that we have so much racial animus in our country today is Americans long practice of ignoring our problems. As we go forward confronting these problems, those who support white supremacy will grow more desperate.

    Even though Trump has said put the rag in a museum, white Southerners especially have elevated him to God-like status and support him wholeheartedly, as they believe only Trump will save white supremacy from destruction. Neo-Nazis even tongue-in-cheek call him "God Emporer Trump". At this point, Trump while still technically a human being, has become a symbol, as synonymous to white supremacy as the Confederate flag. Enjoy this:

  4. My gosh, Jacob, your hate has put out totally out of touch with reality....

  5. Has it?

    Lady interviewed at the RNC said given the choice of a resurrected Reagan coming back to save the US and Donald Trump, she would choose Trump.


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