Hate Not Heritage: The truth about last weekend's "Heritage" rally in Tupelo...

Shaun Winkler apparently had a great time! (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Before last weekend's hate rally in Tupelo, Mississippi, disguised as "Confederate Heritage", was another, earlier meeting of the same like minds.

Klansman Shaun Winkler's "local allies" meet before the July 30th rally in Tupelo. (Image courtesy of VK)

In attendance were some familiar faces, like Shaun and Shealyn Winkler.

Shealyn and Shaun Winkler. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Shaun Winkler at Mama Ruth Poetker's. (Image courtesy of VK)

Shaun Winkler, William Bader and Greg "Thor Henderson" Calhoun.
(Image courtesy of VK)

Jeremy Walls of the League of the South was there too.

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

Of course, Cody Nathanal Belford was there as well. Google his name for 411 on a long line of arrests for various offenses.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

And although he wasn't at the pre-meet between the Heritage and Hate group members, Greg "Thor Henderson" Calhoun did make his presence known at the rally itself.

Greg "Thor Henderson" Calhoun at a "Heritage" rally organized by the Confederate United Patriots Society. (Image courtesy of WAPT)

(Image courtesy of VK)

(Image courtesy of VK)

(Image courtesy of VK)

Shaun Winkler made damn sure that all his Klan and Nazi friends knew that he was going to be in Tupelo beforehand, including Neo-Nazi Rebecca Barnette.

(Image courtesy of VK)

Shaun Winkler complains about the "niggers" attacking their "heritage". 
(Image courtesy of VK)

Barnette was down as "going" before the LOSers cancelled their event.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

With a crew like this, no wonder Auntie Ruckus has been lobbying so hard for the Klan as of late, and it would also explain why the Black Rebel is so mad! See folks, they want us to believe that they not only have no idea who these people are, and what they believe, but also that they had no idea they were coming to their rally. We're calling bullshit!

Restoring the honor!


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