Black Lives Matter protesters are "uneducated street rats that should be eradicated", according to one poster at an apparent Confederate Heritage page...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

They are at Graceland because they have legitimate concerns about the treatment of blacks. Via Fox 13 Memphis

"It's been the summer of protests, and now another one is planned.
The Coalition of Concerned Citizens, including Black Lives Matter protesters and others groups announced their plan to "Shut Down Graceland."
Protest leaders say the mass demonstration is planned for 6:00 PM Monday. They said they specifically chose Graceland because it is Elvis week and they know it will raise awareness. 
Leaders say they also chose Graceland because "it demonstrates one of Memphis's most common forms of financial inequality and because the site has ties to...the death of unarmed teen Darrius Stewart."
We feel like we still haven't been answered," said Frank Gottie, a community leader. "They're givin us the runaround."
If carried out, the Elvis Week demonstration will be the third high-profile protest by Black Lives Matter and other groups in the last month."

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Doesn't get any more Southern then that, now does it?

Restoring the honor!


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