Why Non-Profit status is important to Southern Heritage groups...

(Image courtesy of Save Southern Heritage)

Folks, as we've been telling you, there are a lot of benefits for a Southern Heritage organization to seek non-profit status. As we've seen, many of them do.

(Image courtesy of the South Carolina Secretary of State)

Everyone knows that the major benefit is tax exemption.

I think Richard forgot to tell Susan about the tax benes...

Richard Hines and Tyler Bessenger.

But I don't think he forgot to tell Tyler.

Restoring the honor!


  1. *Yawn.* You're getting boring again....

    1. Maybe Connie can explain why we can't find a listing for the Flaggers as a registered non-profit. It's ok if they're not, they don't have to be, it just changes the game somewhat. Non-profit status affects how an organization can and can't operate, ask the SCV, they'll confirm.


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