When Rainbows Attack: That awkward moment when you realize you're a Jew, at an "inclusive" Heritage event...

Name redacted to protect this individual from Confederate retaliation. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Oy vey! Folks, it's pretty bad when we have to protect Heritage folks from themselves. We've been saying this for months folks, the Heritage movement is exclusive. They don't really like people who "aren't like them". Wink! Wink! Sure, they will tolerate you if you're self-hating, and tow the company line, but step out of line, and you're out of the circle of trust. Then, there are always the real hardcore haters. These are the ones we are trying to rid the "Heritage movement" of, even though the Heritage folks are fighting us tooth and nail to keep them in the club. 

Oddly enough, Steven Monk is on this Heritage activists friends list. 
(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Yes folks, despite what they want you to believe, apparently, not everyone felt "included" at the big rag raising the other day. How sad. By the way folks, this thread was another reader submission. Keep 'em coming!

Restoring the honor! 


  1. You just get more and more transparent. You post a few screenshots that doesn't tell us what happened and then you draw all kinds of questionable conclusions from that. Your trickster journalism does not speak well of you or your motives....

    1. I think it pretty clearly tells us what happened. Seems pretty cut and dry to me. Being a Jew at an almost entirely straight, White, "Christian" event is bad news.

      All of my advice is relevant, the Heritage folks refuse to confront the racist nature of their movement, because it is the base of their movement. If they get rid of the racists, who will be left?

  2. I'm surprised BR hasn't stopped by to try and claim I made all of this up, just to make y'all look bad, along with the help of Rodent and Cuck-taine.

    1. "I received my full [of anti-Semitism] today at Danville"

      Democrats were at the flag raising ceremony?


      "Update: It was just a few"

      Out of how many? 500? 700?


      "I'm surprised BR hasn't stopped by to try and claim I made all of this up"

      These klan or klan-types should know by now that their presence doesn't help the cause. So why would they be there? Someone put them up to it?

    2. Yeah, someone put them up to it alright, you guys and your silence. The Heritage community silently condones hate groups by being non-confrontational and accommodating. Y'all play this big game of knowing nothing when you know full well they are there and who they are. The reason why is because you're closet supporters of racism. Y'all believe all the same stuff they do as evidenced by the things y'all say. Unlike "brave racists", y'all hide behind people like HK and Barnum which supposedly proves you aren't racists. It doesn't. It's pretty sad that Heritage folks will deny my claims, but they aren't going to deny this person's claims, or maybe they will. Maybe they'll mount another silent attack like the one we saw on Tim Manning after he dropped names of those who shouldn't be named?

      BR, you're also making a fatal error by claiming its "klan types". Ever seen a LOSer rally? Did you see the one with Daniel Wilson in his button down polo shirt and khakis? He looked so nice and likeable. Until you see the follow-up shot of him in his robe in front of a burning cross. How about Denny, have you ever seen Denny handing out his white nationalist propaganda at a Heritage event? We have. Looked pretty harmless too until you realize he is advocating for turning back the clocks to a time of racial segregation. Oh yeah. So harmless. Doesn't affect anyone. Y'all can take your bullshit "Heritage Not Hate" and shove it where the sun don't shine.

    3. Non-confrontational, but not accommodating.

      Quote: "The reason why is because you're closet supporters of racism. Y'all believe all the same stuff they do as evidenced by the things y'all say." That's your demented imagination at work.

      The League isn't a heritage group,it's a secessionist group. Its support of heritage is secondary and weak.

      At what heritage event have you seen Denny handing out white nationalist propaganda? How did you see it? Were you there? Or are you relyingon internet images?

    4. I don't go to rallies.

      I've linked to the photos several times, go find them.

      It happened, y'all can't deny it. Witnesses said that there was zero opposition to Denny and the LOSers passing out their hate rags. One photo is of Jason Bertera getting one stuffed in his backpack in DC by Denny. Bertera was at both Stone Mountain gatherings with the Nazis and Klansmen. He was in DC with Susie, Denny, and the rest of the Heritage folks who were chased away, he was in Columbia a few weeks ago, he was in Kentucky with Everett Corley, and, he says he's going to be at the clusterfuck in Tupelo this weekend with the Klan and LOSers. Bertera gets around, I'd bet he's on the government cheese. It's all backed up, now run along...

    5. "These klan or klan-types should know by now that their presence doesn't help *the cause*." - Now, even with a name like "Border Ruffian", I'm not going to assume that you meant what your statement implies. But, it reeeeeaaalllllly looks like you're admitting that "the cause" is shared. And they should know that their presence hinders that common goal.

      Just sayin'.

    6. "...you're admitting that "the cause" is shared."

      They're from the South so I suppose they care about the flags and monuments to some degree. But protecting monuments and promoting secession is not the same. They use the heritage events for free publicity.

    7. No, they use it for recruiting and spreading their message of hate. We have eyes and ears at the rallies, there is zero opposition. Y'all (Confederate Heritage movement) are complicit.


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