Virginia Flagger business partners latest missive: "Everybody should own 4 or 5" blacks...

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Keep it classy Virginia Flaggers, and long may she wave...


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Folks, our good buddy Border Ruffian is now making veiled accusations that either I, or Corey Meyers have created a Twitter account to pose as Raymond Agnor, I guess in an attempt to make him look bad? To be honest, I don't think he needs any help, but allow me to address this ridiculous idea. BR has a history of claiming that we do this, but has yet to offer one shred of evidence that we do. Anything that is posted here is screenshot from social media. You can check it all for yourself. I typically do peruse the pages before posting screens to make sure that they do look on the up and up. I have yet to come across a single page that looked fabricated to me. BR seems to be the expert on this, so why doesn't he or she show us some examples? If something isn't legit, it's not on me, because I didn't create it. I do not have to go around creating fake pages to make Confederate Heritage folks look like awful people because they already are awful people. The screenshot above from a Twitter account named "Raymond12 Agnor" was linked to from Agnor's own Facebook page. If I am part of some conspiracy to make him look bad, then obviously I must be able to post from his own Facebook page without his knowledge. 

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C'mon Border Ruffian, stop being such a putz and trying to create a smokescreen. Y'all are just hateful people, that's all there is to it. Here are a couple more posts just for laughs:

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I really hope that by the "big D", he means the Donald...

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Restoring the honor!


  1. Isn't his Twitter account "Raymond lee Agnor" (found that on your site)?

    So who's "Raymond12 Agnor"? You or Corey?

    1. I updated the post just for you.

      If Agnor isn't responsible for the posts, perhaps he should say so? Perhaps he should figure out why someone is posting links from his own page? Just a suggestion. Perhaps he was hacked? Again, all he has to do is speak up.

    2. Hey BR, why don't you work your magic polishing up this turd:

    3. Not me...I am not that sick or twisted.

    4. When you get done with that one, maybe you can fix this stinker up?

    5. BR loves to run away when asked to prove one of his claims.


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