The Virginia Flaggers newest hate flag is the top story at white supremacist webpage that allegedly inspired suspected mass murderer Dylann Roof...

(Image courtesy of the Council of Conservative Citizens)

Folks, the Heritage and Hate groups both play this silly game where neither acknowledges their association with the other. This is for good reason. The "Heritage" crowd, is the closest the hate groups ever get to respectability. They can blend in with all of the normal looking, "nice people" and promote their agendas of hate. There is also overlap in both groups ideologies, concerns, and issues, so it is natural that they would attract each other.

Kyle Rogers (CoCC) and Dennis Durham (LOSer) shoot the shit about the
newest hate flag. Denny claims he was there! (Image courtesy of Facebook)

This is the reason why Heritage groups never stop hate group members from advancing their white supremacy at Heritage events. Take for instance this article, posted at the Council of Conservative Citizens webpage. Folks, listen to the voice of the writing. This article was clearly written by a Heritage person (the question is, "Which one?") and submitted to the hate group, to post on their webpage.

The Virginia Flaggers hate flag is naturally the top story on a white supremacist webpage. (Image courtesy of the Council of Conservative Citizens)

I think it's proper that we call the CoCC, "Virginia Flaggers supporters" because clearly they are offering support by promoting their newest hate flag on their webpage. Folks, this is really easy. If the Virginia Flaggers are mad as heck about this, all they have to do is say so, and if they don't, I think most Americans are smart enough to know what that means. And don't forget, the CoCC isn't the only page this little blurb has shown up on, thanks to syndication. (Link 1) (Link 2)

Syndicated hate. (Image courtesy of Breaking News Blast)

The Virginia Flaggers make the 1488 News Circuit. (Image courtesy of INFOWARP)

Folks, lest we forget that Dylann Roof was allegedly inspired by the Council of Conservative Citizens.

(Image courtesy of the New York Times)

The Flaggers can speak out against this at any time.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)


Restoring the honor!


  1. An example of reality you would deny ... the CNN reporter is trying to do the same thing you're doing...

    CNN Reporter to black Trump supporter: "What do you think about the fact that white supremacists support Trump?"

    Black Trump supporter: "It doesn't matter. That's the right to free speech... What the hell has that got to do with Donald Trump? He's not a racist....It's the media who gives us those perceptions..."

    That's just an edited snippet. Whole thing is worth watching...

    1. Donald Trump isn't just a racist, he's the defacto leader of white supremacy in our country today.

    2. He is neither one. No wonder you won't provide your personal concept/definition of racism. It would show you to be not only out of touch with reality, but an even bigger hater than you already reveal.

    3. KKKonnie, you forgot to respond to this in a thread way down the line, so I will move it up here for you to respond to.

      If you are not racist, KKKonnie, then agree with this sentence.

      Black Americans are the full equal to any White American. Anything a white American can do, a black American can do just as well, if not better physically as well as intellectually.

      Just say you completely agree with the sentence to prove you are not racist.


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