The "Virginia Flagger" that no one seems to know all of a sudden...

Jason Sulser. (Image courtesy

Jason Sulser lived in Virginia, and he flagged in Virginia, which means that he was a "Virginia Flagger" by default. While he may not have been a "member" of the group known as the Virginia Flaggers, he had attended their events, and some of their folks had attended his. But, that's not all he apparently did in Virginia. Via

"A Stafford County man is facing 50 child pornography charges as the result of an investigation that began when his roommate found images on his computer and called the Sheriff's Office, court records show.
Jason Charles Sulser, 39, is charged with 50 counts of reproducing child pornography. He is being held without bond in the Rappahannock Regional Jail.
According to an affidavit for a search warrant filed in Stafford Circuit Court, Sulser's roommate called the Sheriff's Office on April 13 after seeing what he suspected was child pornography on Sulser's computer.
Detective J.R. Duggins wrote that the man told police that he went to the basement area of the home at 50 Wakefield Avenue in Southern Stafford to wash some clothes and in the process bumped the mouse on Sulser's computer.
The computer came out of sleep mode, according to the affidavit, and a pornographic video of what appeared to be a very young girl was on the screen. The roommate said he closed out the video and noticed a large video library on the computer with thumbnail images of girls who appeared to be 10 to 12 years old.
The roommate told police they did not have internet at the residence and that the videos appeared to be downloaded on the computer.
Duggins wrote that the roommate rented two upstairs rooms from Sulser, who lived alone in the basement where the computer was. The roommate said he normally only goes in that area to use the washer and dryer.
Police used the search warrant to seize the computer and found numerous images, prosecutor Ryan Frank said. A preliminary hearing for Sulser is scheduled for next month in Stafford Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.
If convicted of multiple child pornography charges, Sulser would face a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison on all but the first charge, meaning he would be looking at at least 245 years if found guilty of all 50 charges.
Sulser helped organize a rally in support of the Confederate flag and southern heritage at the Stafford Courthouse last year that became heated as opposing groups argued loudly over the meaning behind the flag."

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Note: Sulser is innocent until proven guilty, but guilty of being a total creep either way. I say lock him up just for being so damn butt ugly.

Restoring the honor!


  1. 245 years? I think Denny is going to need a new flagging buddy. :(

  2. The horse is really, really dead, Jacob. You can quit beating it now.

    1. "Border Ruffian" ... a terrorist screen name. But for how long? :)

    2. Simpson, the :) doesn't hide your hate, you know?

    3. You think everyone hates because you hate so many people. That's quite sad. I wonder what's the cause of all your hate. Things didn't work out for you?

    4. I don't hate anybody. I do hate your attempted character assassination of people I care about.

      So do you thing BR is a terrorist?

    5. Jacob, I'm waiting for the list of events Sulser/Durham organized attended by the Virginia Flaggers. Also, while you're at it, list all the Virginia Flagger events Sulser/Durham attended. I don't mean events organized by a third party they both attended.

    6. Why not? You don't get to set the rules.


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