The Softball Game: NBC 12's Chris Thomas climbs atop the Virginia Flaggers rustbucket for sensationalism...

(Image courtesy of WWBT NBC 12)

Nothing says ratings like a black man atop a rustbucket owned by the Commonwealth's leading hate flag brigade. Who can forget the sickening news report Chris Thomas did last year where he waved the rag around like it was fourth of July? 

Where did Chris Thomas get this flag? (Image courtesy of WWBT NBC 12)

No doubt that Thomas knows, that the Confederate army fought a treasonous war against the country that gave him rights, in an attempt to keep people like him from getting said rights. Shame on you NBC 12.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Hey, you got that list of Sulser/Durham events attended by the VaFlaggers yet? And the VaFlagger events attended by Sulser? It's been a while, surely long enough to get it compiled....

    1. Not yet. Info is gathered. Just need to sort if all out. Not on your timetable here.

  2. Replies
    1. No, seriously. Not only that, but I'm waiting to roll it out once he is convicted. Going to be big news then. I'm sure the media are going to love the photos of him and his friends with all of the Confederate flags.

  3. You sound bitter about the TV coverage, Jacob. LOL!


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