The Softball Game: Even though the Virginia Flaggers came in second place, they're still number one when it comes to the lazy Virginia news media...

(Image courtesy of WDBJ)

Folks, we know that you've come to expect laziness like this from the Virginia news media. Not only do they not examine the true meaning of "Heritage", ask why hate group members attend Heritage events, or look into how a rag-tag bunch of losers raise thousands upon thousands of dollars for these hate flags, they can't even report the facts correctly. The Virginia Flaggers new flag IS NOT the world's largest Confederate flag. It is the second largest, but it's definitely the ugliest!

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, this should come as no surprise, as the Virginia news media is always at the ready with their one-sided coverage of these sorry excuses for Confederate Heritage defenders.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Let's hope that the Virginia news media keep up the good propaganda work that they're doing for the Flaggers. They couldn't do it without them, kinda like Hitler couldn't have done it without Goebbels.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Awwwww, don't be so bitter, Jacob.

  2. DNC emails called Hispanics "taco bowls." The socialist liberal left is virulently racist. Uses minorities to amass power, doesn't really care about them. The more this kind of thing comes about about the left, the sillier you look, being so obsessed with basically harmless Confederate heritage and ignoring damaging left and its hypocrisy....

  3. And they were going to make an issue of Sanders Jewish ancestry.

    Taco bowls? Dimmy, is that what y'all call Hispanics?

    I don't think the DNC could pass your "racist" test.

  4. Lets recap.

    Virginia Flaggers hate rag 30'X50'.

    Tampa hate rag 30'X60'.

    Virginia Flaggers pole 119'.

    Tampa pole 139'.

    Tampa hate rag, 2009.

    Virginia Flaggers hate rag, 2016.

    Tampa hate rag #1.

    Virginia Flaggers hate rag #2.

    But did the Tampa folks make it here?

    Congrats Virginia Flaggers! You're on your way.

  5. "basically harmless Confederate heritage" - So, there is some harm in Confederate heritage.

    1. Probably on an individual level -- but few and far between and rarely on an intentional level. It's a big movement; bound to be a crazy in it here and there. To clarify, though, there are probably people you would classify as heritage supporters that I do not. In any case, there are groups far less harmless -- Black Lives Matter, Bloods, Crips, the various Aryan gangs, the Mafia crime families ... and now, as we are finding out -- the Democratic National Committee....


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