SPLC exposes LOSer creeps...

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Winkler is claiming the charges have been dropped.

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Dr. Mike has been hard at work, putting together a crack team of racists and creepy as hell scuzz-buckets, which includes long-time bigot Shaun Winkler and his scuzz-buddy Jeremy Walls. Via the Southern Poverty Law Center:

"While the LOS membership were convened in nearby Wetumpka, the Montgomery LGBT community had arranged a weekend of events for Pride that included a show of solidarity in the aftermath of the massacre of more than 49 patrons of a gay nightclub in Orlando. The events concluded with a rally on the steps of the capitol where Jefferson Davis was inaugurated as the first president of the CSA.
The Sunday PRIDE Rally began largely without incident; a few protesters were present with a large cross and signs quoting scripture, but the interactions between those participants and protesters were largely respectful.
The peace was broken when the protesters were joined by a group of about a dozen younger League of the South members carrying signs emblazoned with the League of the South’s website.
Those present were not the professional group seen at the League’s demonstration in Wetumpka the day before. The standard LOS uniform of black polo shirts and khaki pants had been abandoned for jeans, T-shirts, and shorts. They almost immediately began shouting “God hates fags” before they changed tack for less volatile chants like “Obey God's law” and “Support Christian marriage." The LOS members were greatly outnumbered by those supporting the LGBT community, who largely disregarded the League’s presence."

"Among those holding the signs for LOS was Shaun Winkler, a former Klansman and listed contact for the National Socialist Movement and member of the Aryan Nations who is currently residing in Holly Spring, Mississippi. Winkler received media attention around 2012 for his abortive attempt to build an Aryan Nations stronghold near the Canadian border. During that time, Winkler ran as a “law and order candidate” for Sheriff in Bonner County, Idaho, promising that he would not allow his Klan views to sway his impartiality, and to “come down hard on sex offenders."

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"Next to Winkler stood Jeremy Walls, a LOS member who at the end of 2015 was arrested for inappropriate touching and tattooing of two minors in Mississippi, which caused a suspension of his tattoo artist's license pending review of the case.
Given Winkler’s established track record as a volatile member of numerous, far-flung white supremacist organizations, and Walls’ alleged behavior with minors, it is difficult to fathom how the leadership of LOS would allow two such men to lead their younger membership to a highly publicized protest without any clear messaging strategy.
It could be that LOS founder Michael Hill is not familiar with Winkler’s reputation. It could be that he believes the charges against Walls are baseless. More likely this represents a willingness on the part of Hill and LOS leadership-at-large to allow into their midst anyone who espouses certain planks of their platform, namely homophobia and overt racism. The question then becomes whether Hill knowingly allowed his membership to attend this protest or if he was unable to rein in the impulsiveness of radical members like Walls and Winkler."

Don't forget that Jeremy Walls attended several Confederate Heritage events, including one organized by Debbie Sidle and the Mid-South Flaggers. This is what Confederate Heritage is opening themselves up to by making friends with these creepy racists and anti-semites. If you lay down with dogs, you're going to get fleas. Additionally, the piece goes on to note:

"The theme of this year’s LOS conference, incidentally, was “Serving Our People: Our Role as Southern Nationalists.” Speakers included long-time member and founder Michael Hill, Chief of Staff Michael Tubbs, Tiny Malone, Mark Thomey, John Weaver, and MC Mike Whorton. R.G. Miller and Stephen Ingram, relative newcomers, also spoke."

You may recall that the Virginia Flaggers had Pastor John Weaver as a featured speaker for their "Heritage" event in May of this year. Good choice.

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"Frick" and "Frack" are in the process of organizing a demonstration in Tupelo, Mississippi, on July 30th. Word on the street is that they are encouraging League members and other assorted racists who turn out to come strapped. What could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah, and there will be Confederate flags. Yes there will...

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  1. You are going to be blamed for "Character assassinating" the Virginia Flaggers. However, it seems more and more like "Character Suicide".

  2. Silly hater -- just because people agree on some things, that doesn't mean they agree on everything... Isn't how people differ just as important as what they agree on? But you ignore differences in order to foment hate....

    1. Wait, y'all agree with white nationalists on some things? Which things? It's your assertion, not mine. Now, I'm curious, so please, do tell spokesperson...

    2. I dunno, maybe we agree that the catfish platter at Cracker Barrel is pretty good... It is ludicrous to imagine that tens of thousands of individuals are mental clones, as you seem to think.


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