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Folks, the majority of bigotry we find out there on the internet is based on misinformation. Many of our Confederate friends get their news via tinfoil hat stories published by anonymous blogs masquerading as "news media". Don't get me wrong, our US news media sucks, but the answer is not turning to anonymous blogs that have zero accountability and suspending your own ability to critically think for yourself. But this is how dumb these Confederate hillbillies are. We find that, time and time again, our Southern Confederate friends willingly digest enormous amounts of misinformation and outright lies, which are supplied by anonymous blogs, through shares on social media by their own friends. It's your basic right wing echo chamber. Take for instance the story above shared by "Southron Nationalist" Bobbie Jo Coffey. The story was published by an outlet dubiously titled "American News". The story has no byline telling you who the author is. There is no contact info for the author. The page does not even include a bio of any sort so that you can learn anything about the people who are telling you what to believe. There is no contact information on the page whatsoever. Emblazoned across the top of the page are several "news stories" with "BREAKING NEWS" included in the description. This link, provided by a comment under Coffey's post (apparently by one of her own friends, no less) claims the site is a "satire" and "FAKE News website". But look who gobbled up the bait. I mean folks, if this isn't an indication of ones gullibility and just plain ignorance, I don't know what is. This is who the Virginia Flaggers want to administer their webpage? Really? Now, let's look at the factuality of the actual story. An excerpt of the story, via "American News":

"Home Depot has announced that their employees will be subjected to what they are calling “Muslim cultural awareness sensitivity training.” The action is in response to a request from CAIR, a terrorist organization that has been indicted multiple times on terrorism-related charges.
Recently, the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations provided cultural awareness training to employees at a Home Depot in Dearborn. Two regional CAIR employees, Executive Director Dawud Walid and Safe Spaces Coordinator Warda Kalim took the opportunity to discuss customer interactions and Muslim customs. They also highlighted religious accommodations concerns.
“We welcome such opportunities to engage Home Depot and other business establishments to better serve their Muslim customers and accommodate the cultural competency of their Muslim employees,” claimed Walid.
CAIR has also offered a booklet, entitle “An Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices.” It outlines a series of “necessary” policies that employees should implement, ranging from changing the dress code to offering extended breaks and vacation time."

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The problem though folks, is that this story was partially debunked by Snopes. Factually, the story is a mixture. Blogs like this only include just enough fact so that the entire story isn't a fabrication. They know that if they can include even a sliver of truth, the intended audience is too dumb and lazy to do any independent fact checking of their own, and are likely to swallow it hook, line, and sinker. The really scary thing is that Snopes debunked this story a year ago, and it had been floating around since at least 2014, which means that it is just being recycled over and over, even though there's very little truth to it.

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Even scarier is that our friends form their beliefs and opinions around this type of garbage. This is why they are so consumed with hate, because they fear that which they don't understand. They can't take the time to look at actual facts, because, well, I guess that is too hard for them. Via Snopes:

"Origins: This item about Home Depot employees supposedly being forced to undergo 'Muslim Sensitivity Training' due to demands by CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) began as an article published on disreputable web sites in September 2014. What it refers to is a press release issued by the Michigan chapter of CAIR in March 2014 announcing that organization had recently provided cultural awareness training to employees at a Home Depot store in Dearborn, Michigan."

The Snopes report goes on to add:

"Contrary to the tenor of the item reproduced above, a representative from CAIR-MI told us that CAIR had not "demanded" that "Home Depot's employees be subjected to forced 'muslim cultural awareness sensitivity training'"; rather, CAIR provided basic cultural awareness training to some employees at a single Home Depot store in Dearborn upon the request of that store's management, and the request was not triggered by any complaint or incident occurring at that store. 
Dearborn has been referred to as "America's Muslim capital" and is home to a large Arab-American population as well as the site of the largest mosque in the U.S. A third of Dearborn's population of 97,000 identifies as having Arab heritage, a third of Arab-Americans in Michigan are foreign born, and the Arabic-speaking population in the state grew by 26% from 2000 to 2010, according to the Arab American Institute (AAI). Thus familiarity with the preferences and customs of the employee and customers bases in that area are an essential aspect of business operations: 
The material used in that cultural awareness training, CAIR's Employer's Guide to Islamic Religious Practices, is pretty basic stuff: a short guide to religiously-mandated practices of Muslim employees that provides brief overviews of Muslim holidays and the Ramadan fast, the timing and observation of daily prayers (and their effect on scheduling considerations for Muslim employees), Muslim dietary and dress requirements, and a few other religiously related employment considerations (e.g., Muslim employees should not be asked to serve or sell alcohol)."

I want to be clear, I'm not here to debate whether or not CAIR is a good organization or a terrorist organization. I will say that I do have some concerns of my own about some of CAIR's history and dealings, but that being said, there is no reason why people have to fabricate and embellish on the truth in order to make their case. I looked through the document that was supposedly used in this limited training of a few individuals, at a single store, at the store managements request, and everything in it looks pretty basic and harmless. What we are seeing here is how dumb people use misinformation to foment hatred. It just goes to show you folks, when it comes to Confederate Heritage, no brain cells are required.

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  1. It is all about what they want to believe. They are not interested in the truth because it does not fit into their belief systems. They deliberately choose not to learn, thus remaining ignorant. When confronted by something that conflicts with their beliefs, they reject the facts.

    For them, ignorance is bliss.


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