Permits reportedly denied to groups for Tupelo protests on July 30th

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As reported by WTVA:

"TUPELO, Miss (WTVA) — There have been several protests throughout Tupelo since the fatal shooting of Antwun Shumpert by a city police officer.
Three groups had already filed applications to protest with at least two at Crosstown — All Lives Matter and the League of the South.
The All Lives Matter group anticipated 500 people while the League of the South only anticipated five.
The city said “no” to both.
"Safety issues and the police being tied up,” said city attorney Ben Logan. “It’s just the safety of the participants, the safety of the general public. And that general public is not just the general public in that area but citywide.”"

The report continues:

"Logan says there will still be a rally in support of police on July 30 on the law of the Lee County Courthouse.
Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson says the county does not require a permit for any event on the courthouse lawn. He adds any event is welcome there as long as no one is breaking the law. 
As for the event itself, there appears to be some confusion over who is holding the event. 
Logan says it is being held by the League of the South, which he adds is designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Mississippi League of the South is promoting it as “Enough is Enough. No Ferguson in Tupelo.”
However, the Tupelo-based Confederate United Patriots Society says it is the one holding the rally and it is not a hate group."

We say good call.

Restoring the honor!


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