Non-Profit Secessionist Group reportedly to raise "Monster Flags"...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Folks, the South Carolina Secessionist Party is really doing it. They have filed as a non-profit, and they are going to raise hate flags, just like Susie and company. It's really happening!

(Image courtesy of the South Carolina Secretary of State)

Folks, just remember, along with non-profit status, comes a whole slew of rules and regulations that have to be followed to stay in compliance with the law. 

(Image courtesy of the Virginia Department of Taxation)

Although they are learning a few tricks here and there from Susie, the Flaggers don't appear to have non-profit status like the SCSP does, which sets the groups apart.

(Image courtesy of the Virginia Department of Taxation)

Clearly folks, non-profit status has its advantages and disadvantages...

(Image courtesy of

Restoring the honor!


  1. Scrutiny by the public... oh boy. They don't take too kindly to folks that don't take too kindly to them.

    1. This article deserves some scrutiny:


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