"Love Trumps Hate!" in Tupelo

The racists organized counter-protests yesterday in Tupelo, Mississippi. Ironically enough, they were protesting a message of love and peace. Via The Clarion-Ledger:

"No reports of arrests, citations or property damage were noted.
About 300 gathered for the morning march and a theme for several in attendance was justice — both for Shumpert and his family and for residents who simply want to ensure a fair shake from law enforcement.
“I’m here because my cousin was killed by police and he was abused and nobody is going to step up,” Lee County’s John Thomas Morris Jr. said about Shumpert. “No way could it have been justified. I’m protesting this because police are killing us like rabbits, and I am sick and tired of it.”
Henry Talie of Aberdeen, whose son Henry Montgomery was killed by police in Verona  three years ago, also was there to march and hoped it could make a difference.
“It depends on who got ears,” he said. “The police department is corrupted. It’s not a black on black thing.”
Frankie Dilworth of Nettleton also marched Saturday with his nephew in mind who was killed in a police shooting.
“The police have been trained to apprehend kids without deadly force,” he said. “They have Tasers and a lot of other equipment but don’t use it. If we don’t make a stand now, it’s going to continue to escalate.”"

(Image courtesy of The Clarion-Ledger)

The report adds:

"Allen Coon, a junior at the University of Mississippi, helped lead the fight on the Confederate flag in the past year at the school. He was at both the march and at the patriot society event. He said the flag-flying in Ballard Park is “clearly a white supremacist organization reacting to a community trying to heal.”
“They are allowed, under the constitution, to protest and to rally,” he said. “Our protest this morning was to seek political, economic and social protection for black people. Their protest is to show hate.”
With Coon was Tysianna Marino, a senior at the University of Mississippi and the school’s NAACP chapter president. She called the afternoon event a “knee-jerk reaction” and that the group was only in town because there was a Black Lives Matter event earlier.
“They’re fighting to preserve a history of racism,” she said. “They wholeheartedly believe what they are doing is right, but it’s not.”"

Meanwhile, the Confederate Heritage folks mixed and mingled with hate group members, but they were not un-opposed.

Greg "Thor Henderson" Calhoun. (Image courtesy of VK)

Klansmen Shaun Winkler (in black) and Greg "Thor Henderson" Calhoun (in Confederate flag shirt) at a Heritage rally in Tupelo. Winkler wears a black arm band to hide his Aryan Nations tattoo. (Image copyright WTVA)

Although Andrew Duncomb claimed not to know anything about any racists, here he is with Greg "Thor Henderson" Calhoun. (Image Zack Orsborn/The Daily Journal)

Greg "Thor Henderson" Calhoun and Shaun Winkler. Just an example of the nice kind of people you find at Confederate Heritage rallies. (Image courtesy of VK)

Head over to Idavox for more coverage on this FAIlure.

Restoring the honor!


  1. I'd love to know if people like Duncomb are really that duped.

    1. Black Confederates know exactly who these people are and what they stand for.

    2. Wonder how soon KKKonnie with disavow these people and their beliefs?

  2. https://m.facebook.com/RealBlackRebel/photos/a.212170825787489.1073741828.212135529124352/305087586495812/?type=3&source=48

    I think penetration is illegal in public. I think this means the white guy isn't racist, or something...


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