Lest We Forget: The anniversary of Anthony Hervey's accidental death...

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Folks, it's been one year and we still don't have answers. Does anyone know if there was a toxicology report?

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Now might be a good time to leave this here:

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Oh my.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa... Blackmon, self-proclaimed member of LoS, is a police officer? Wonder if Arlene will be made aware her involvement in Hervey's death, supposedly by the very man that helped her.


    1. in addition to the fact that the police could not prove there was a second vehicle, as well as a witness, I recall that it was ruled that Hervey over-corrected, which was the cause of the crash. Just like everyone, I have an opinion of what happened. I still want to know if there was a toxicology report. I have never bought in to the official "story" because there is zero evidence to support it.


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