Confederate Correction: The Virginia Flaggers appear to change their story...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Wait. What happened to "World's Largest"? It would appear as though the Flaggers have now had their fill of crow.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

The new Danville rag was never the "World's Largest", despite what you might have heard. Folks, they blow so much smoke up each others asses, that they've lost touch with reality. I guess you could call this behavior "pathological", but it's certainly not the kind of behavior that brings honor to the Confederate soldier.

Restoring the honor!


  1. The size of that flag is obscene. It looks shopped, it's so big. The pole looks like it'll give in the next storm. Looks like rain tomorrow and through the weekend in Danville.

  2. I remind you, nobody cares but a handful of haters such as yourself.


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