Confederate Comedy Hour: The Most Racist Cartoon Ever!

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Have a good laugh folks at other peoples expense folks. Don't worry. It's ok. The Heritage movement doesn't care, so why should we?

Restoring the honor!


  1. I'm 40, and I can remember this cartoon being on TV. Those dark days aren't so far bygone. Assuming they are behind us.

    1. Donald Trump's campaign is a clear sign that those days aren't behind us. If anything, they're trying to make this the status quo again. Trump is doing what Brad Griffin suggested, breaking taboos, desensitizing people to
      blatant racism, and mainstreaming hate.

    2. Making it acceptable to assume a judge should be recused from a case simply because of an assumed heritage? Making it acceptable to assume that illegal immigrants are rapists and murderers, or that Mexico is deliberately sending them here? Making it acceptable to make lewd commentaries about women? Making it acceptable to mock the handicapped?

      Yep, sounds right on the mark.

    3. "illegal immigrants"

      You mean "taco bowl immigrants," don't you? That's the new Democratic party slanguage.

    4. sledridge,

      1. No, not "assumed heritage" but the judge's well known ideology.
      2. Lie. In addition to naming some illegal aliens as rapists and murderers, Trump also said, "...and some, I assume, are good people." Why is that always left out?
      3. People who find that unacceptable don't suddenly find it acceptable. they just think other things are far more important.
      4. Ditto.

      How about making it acceptable for a government official to use a private, unsecure personal server to keep classified information, making it vulnerable to hacking by our enemies. How about deleting 30,000 emails, which violates federal law

    5. Connie,
      1. No, assumed heritage. The judge is from Indiana. And what "well known ideology" are you referring to? Because Trump wasn't referring to a "well known ideology". He was referring to his intent to build the wall and the judge's Mexican heritage.
      "This judge has treated me very unfairly. This judge is of Mexican heritage. I'm building a wall. I'm trying to keep business out of Mexico. Mexico's fine," Trump said. "He's of Mexican heritage, and he's very proud of it, as I am of where I come from."

      2. Not a lie. "...and some, I assume, are good people." is a dismissive, smart alec remark to appease people that attempt to condemn his remarks. Even when he says it, he's giving an eyeroll. Prior to that, he said Mexico is not sending their best. His intent with that comment was clear. But, that wasn't the only time...

      “I can never apologize for the truth. I don’t mind apologizing for things. But I can’t apologize for the truth. I said tremendous crime is coming across. Everybody knows that’s true. And it’s happening all the time. So, why, when I mention, all of a sudden I’m a racist. I’m not a racist. I don’t have a racist bone in my body.”
      –Trump, interview on Fox News’ “Media Buzz,” July 5, 2015

      “What can be simpler or more accurately stated? The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.”
      –Trump, statement about his June 16 comments, July 6, 2015

      But, the inverse is actually true.

      3. But, in conservative circles, it is more acceptable to do now. If you seriously don't think that seeing a Presidential candidate make those kinds of remarks doesn't embolden those that might have kept that attitude in check, then I guess you had no problem with Bill Clinton and his escapades then.

      As an intelligent woman, I find it amazing that you could compromise yourself in this so you can contort yourself to defend and support Trump. If you find out and out sexist behavior acceptable... have you been introduced to Arlene Barnum. You have a lot in common.

      4. Ditto what? What are you dittoing? I'm not Rush. You agree that he made it acceptable to mock the handicap? OK then. If that's the candidate you want, you got it.

      As far as the emails, no doubt she should be prosecuted. But, it'll never happen. The reason is that it wouldn't just be her. There have been Republicans that did it, too. They would be prosecuted. But, it doesn't end there. There would be a massive fallout in the intelligence agencies. Every person that ever had communication with her would be culpable, too.

      She didn't do this in a vacuum. For her servers to be set up, the government had to know she was doing it because it would take clearance for her servers to talk to the government servers. And people with more clearance than the IT workers that set it all up had to ok it.

      So, I agree it's a massive issue. But, nothing, other than possible elimination of this practice, will ever come of it.

    6. BR- No, I meant what I said. I'm not a Democrat. So, whatever they have going on, I don't really concern myself with.

      Don't kid yourself into thinking the Republicans don't some of their own vernacular.

      You probably have one or two, don't ya.

    7. Wait, you're not a Democrat either?

    8. They's disagrees we'ns so we's must be they's emenies! LIBTARD DUMBocrats is what I call 'em.

      Bigotry can't disguise itself.

    9. Check this out:

  2. You do the same thing all the time. Hypocrite.


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