Columbia Flag Raising FAIL Photo Gallery

Many thanks go to a loyal reader in the South Carolina vicinity who sent along this excellent photo gallery of the FAIL in Columbia. Amongst those immortalized in the gallery are Arlene Barnum, Richard Hines, Tyler Bessenger, Jim and Alice Horky, and a surprise appearance by Kyle Rogers of the Council of Conservative Citizens. Pay special attention to the fella in the Army of Northern Virginia Mechanized Cavalry jacket seen mingling with Rogers. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. Sign of one of the protesters-

    "End the violence!
    Black Lives Matter"

    How ironic...has she seen the news lately?

  2. Army of Northern Virginia Mechanized Cavalry... 4 Harleys and a 4x4?

    "End the violence!
    Black Lives Matter" - How ironic...has she seen the news lately?" - Y'all said we weren't supposed to judge a movement based on the actions of a few. So, what you're saying is Rb has been accurate in his portrayal of the "heritage" movement. Ok, then. The heritage is hate. Clarified.

  3. PVC base for the flag. Appropriate.

    All enduring movements are based on such "permanent fixtures".


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