Big Day Coming, Part II

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Here we go folks. Seems we beat them to the punch by announcing their newest hate flag before they did. Clearly they equate bigger flags, with bigger victory. What they are forgetting is that this isn't a victory, it's an absolute failure. They have not changed hearts and minds and returned the flags or restored the honor.

Yo La Tengo - Big Day Coming

Restoring the honor!


  1. Quote -- "They have not changed hearts and minds and returned the flags or restored the honor." You would have to be omniscient -- God -- to know. You are not. So you don't know what you are claiming to know. That is your very hate-based "interpretation" of what you see -- and even what you don't see, but fabricate....

    1. Actually no, I can see it. It is verified by the fact that y'all have not been persuasive. If y'all had changed hearts and minds, the flags that were taken down would have been put back. That was Susan's goal right? To have the flags returned, and the honor restored? Since that hasn't happened, we can deduce that hearts and minds have not been changed, otherwise, the missing flags would be flying again. Y'all are the Kings and Queens of failure. Y'all move the goalposts and declare it victory because your efforts are having an opposite effect, you're childish antics and irrational behavior are only galvanizing people's opinions about your "Heritage". The more hate flags y'all raise and the glee you exhibit while doing it show that this is revengeful. That shows bad character. As each flag grows larger and larger, people can see exactly what that means, that y'all are growing more and more desperate. At the end of the day, y'all have existed for damn near close to 5 years, and not one flag has been returned. FAIL!

    2. Quote: "If y'all had changed hearts and minds, the flags that were taken down would have been put back."

      Ah, not necessarily, kemosabe. Not in the ultra-leftist frenzy the country is caught in right now. Many hearts and minds have been changed, and what the flags on private property show is that they can be on display and viewed without cities crumbling and without all manner of other disasters happening...

      But the POWER in this country is in the hands of people with rigid and unmoving prejudices and adamant vindictiveness... It's their way of keeping an us-vs-them mentality going (adding to other us-vs-them situations tearing the country apart). Nikki Haley knows the flag had nothing to do with the Charleston shooting, but she likes persecuting people who commit the unpardonable sin of being proud of their Confederate ancestors... The VMFA knows the flags on the chapel didn't hurt a damned thing -- they just wanted to show what egalitarian "anti-racisss" they are. (I wonder how many of the museum higher-ups live in lily white neighborhoods the way certain anti-Confederate academics do....)

      BTW, Jacob. How are you on the "anti-raciss" scale? Live in an all-white neighborhood? Married to a white spouse? Have mostly or all white friends?


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