"Baby, we're the same"...

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I am sure that there are probably some differences between Steven Monk and Connie Chastain.

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I'm just having a hard time thinking of any.

Matthew Sweet - We're The Same

Restoring the honor!


  1. You are a total, utter fool if you think you can know someone based on things you find on the Internet ... ESPECIALLY when you search with prejudice, and report with prejudice, and it's all based on hatred.

  2. BTW, my beliefs about white genocide in South Africa came from somebody IN South Africa, a resident who knows a lot more about it than you -- not from some American white people with an agenda... But you didn't know that, did you?

    But tell me, do you believe it is impossible that white people are being targeted for murder in South Africa? IMPOSSIBLE?????

    1. Yes, we know that you believe the same things that your garden variety white supremacist believes...

    2. You don't know that. Besides, there are white supremacists who are morally superior to you, Jacob.


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