Arlene Barnum wants you to support the League of the South's planned July 30th confrontation in Tupelo, which could mirror Matthew Heimbach's epic Sacramento Slasher-Fest

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Black Confederate Heritage agitator extraordinaire Arlene Barnum is currently promoting a white nationalist hate group event to be held in Tupelo, Mississippi, on July 30th on her personal Facebook page. This just goes to show you the depth that Neo-Black Confederates will go to suck up to their racist white buddies. In the post, Barnum writes "hope to see you there", which implies that she will be joining the white nationalists. Barnum also claims the event is to "take a stand to defend the Confederate symbol that's under attack"

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

This event follows on heels of the recent debacle in Sacramento, organized by "renowned racist" Matthew Heimbach, under the banner of his Traditionalist Worker Party (which is neither for workers, or a political party), and which quickly spiraled out of control into violence, resulting in the stabbing of multiple people. 

Group of violent skinheads organized by Matthew Heimbach, hold shields while wearing Traditionalist Worker Party t-shirts. (Image courtesy of

Former Klansman Shaun Winkler, who has recently aligned himself with the Southern Nationalist hate group, is claiming on social media that they will have League of the South themed shields produced for the event, an undeniable and obvious nod to the Golden State Skinheads seen above. 

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

One alleged Golden State Skinheads member, with an apparent criminal history, was photographed with a knife in Sacramento, where multiple anti-racist activists were stabbed.

A man identified as Derik Punneo in online reports, allegedly stabbed several anti-racist counter demonstrators in Sacramento. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Alleged Traditionalist Worker Party stabber with knife. (Image courtesy of Facebook, copyright Kevin Cortopassi Photography)

Video footage has also surfaced which appears to show the Traditionalist Workers Party affiliated Neo-Nazi stabbing multiple people.

These deliberate provocations of violence are a very recent and disturbing trend which the hate groups apparently hope to exploit in an effort to paint themselves as victims who are just defending themselves against "Leftist violence". Many believe the hate groups true intentions are to actually provoke the violence.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

The hate group event is being spearheaded by the Mississippi chapter of the League of the South under the guidance of Jeremy Walls of Guntown, Mississippi. Walls also appears to be encouraging participants to bring guns on social media.

Jeremy Walls pictured (at your Left) unrobed. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

Walls and Winkler both attended the Rock Stone Mountain hate rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia in April of this year which also devolved into a near riot, forcing the closure of Stone Mountain Park.

From Left: Greg "Thor Henderson" Calhoun, Shaun Winkler and Jeremy Walls at the Rock Stone Mountain hate rally. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

Also in attendance at the Rock Stone Mountain hate rally was Jason Bertera of Southgate, Michigan, who is now promoting the League of the South event, and who also claims that he will be participating in the Tupelo event on July 30th, alongside other white nationalists. 

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

An ominous tweet  about "finality", from event organizer Jeremy Walls.

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

What could possibly go wrong with this scenario? I am sure that the authorities will approve their permit to assemble despite indications that this WILL NOT be a peaceful event, and was never designed to be, despite claims to the contrary.

Restoring the honor!


  1. To answer Sara Williams, might I suggest:

    It's taking the black theme the lady from Florida suggested, to the next level, but, the LoS logo will really pop.


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