A warning for felons...

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I'm just going to state the obvious, if you have to warn people who are coming to your event to check the laws on felons carrying weapons, what does that say about the people attending your event? Yeah. I think we know why their permit was denied...

Restoring the honor!


  1. Funny how you never take Black Lives Matter to task for the same or worse, and other groups like the Black Panthers. I guess you noticed their "Day of Rage" fizzled because of the terrorist attack in Nice, France -- they weren't happy about having their thunder stolen... http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/07/15/black-lives-matter-activists-angry-dead-white-people-france-stealing-limelight/

    Remember when they were pissed off because the Paris attacks did the same thing? http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/nov/14/mizzou-protesters-black-lives-matter-complain-pari/

    Snopes is poo-pooing the notion that the "Day of Rage" was planned, but the Defense Department took it seriously... http://nypost.com/2016/07/14/defense-department-workers-told-to-stay-away-from-white-house-during-day-of-rage/

    Black Lives Matter isn't about black lives mattering ... if it was, there would be more protesting against the 94% of black murders committed by blacks. Police kill more whites than blacks...

    Well, never mind. I know why you don't showcase groups and activities that are far worse than anything Southern heritage folks do -- because to be an acceptable "anti-raciss" you have to ignore anything negative non-whites do -- especially violence. They must not be held accountable for their wrongdoing, so it can't be acknowledged as wrongdoing...

    Non-whites do things as bad or worse than white Confederate heritage folks or even white supes, and you don't even mention it, so that must mean you aren't motivated to expose wrongdoing -- you just hate white folks....

  2. We've been over this numerous times. This is my blog. It is about Confederate Heritage, and those who attach themselves to Confederate Heritage, not BLM. If you want to gripe about BLM, you have a blog of your own.

    1. Why? Why confine yourself to Confederate heritage? Why have you picked them? They don't loot and burn and riot and block roads, and destroy police cars and prevent ambulances transporting sick babies from getting to hospitals. Presumably you don't mind when these things happen if BLM is doing them, but you twist up like a pretzel if some heritage person does things YOU deem to be "raciss". Why did you choose to target Confederate heritage with your leftist lies and attacks?

  3. Black Lives Matter leader sez there will be a military coup if Trump wins -- "If Donald Trump becomes President, you are fooling yourself if you think we're far from having a coup our own selves. I'm dead serious." http://conservativefiringline.com/white-black-lives-matter-leader-warns-military-coup-trump-wins-november/

    Can you imagine the leftist fury if some conservative group leader, say for the Tea Party, had said the same thing about Obama's election?

    Can you say DOU-BLE-STAN-DARD?

    1. Some did say exactly that. Some are saying a military coup should take place when Hillary wins in November. So no, there is not double standard. There are just people saying all kinds of things.

      The military in this nation is not going to stage a coup as the result of this year's election. Some private individuals may decide they need to use armed force to get their way, but they will be treated as the criminals they are.

    2. Looking less and less like Hillary's going to win... Hahahahahaaaaa....

    3. Might want to start using actual facts instead of making up lies. She is killing Trump in four key states that he absolutely has to win or else he loses. Also, he is having to defend in more states than Romney or Cain in the last two elections.http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2016-election-forecast/

    4. Rasmussen isn’t the only poll showing Trump with a national lead now


    5. I'm sure those conservative sites are desperate to report positive Trump news. Their commentators have been consistent in reporting things that never quite seem to pan out like they thought they would. Cain over Obama? Romney over Obama? The ACA being unconstitutional? Just add another error to the long list with Trump over Clinton.

      Just start practicing how to say, "Madame President" now. Get an early lead over the rest of the neo-confederates so you can let her title roll out easily as you address President Clinton.

    6. Madame President? She would have us calling her Your Majesty or have us thrown in prison. This woman is certifiable. She left for Americans be killed in Libya by her inaction, her "foundation" is thoroughly corrupt and she is bought and paid for by Saudi money....

    7. Still believing the Benghazi lies? Use facts instead of fiction. After all those investigations the Republicans found NOT A FUCKING THING! Yet, you who so desperately needs to disagree believes the lies and conspiracy theories. Yep, you are a bona fide Trump follower.

    8. The Republicans who investigated probably don't want to get Arkancided... And we don't know that they didn't find anything ... lots of things don't get reported, you know? Yes, she could have helped the Americans in Benghazi and she didn't. AND THEN SHE LIED ABOUT IT, saying idiotically that the terrorists were enraged by some YouTube video, and trotted Susan Rice out on all the Sunday shows to repeat the lie... No conspiracy there ... proven lies.

      Her cavalier treatment of classified communications might get a lot of Americans killed one day.... And at least one member of the Saudi royal family says the Saudi's have provided 20% of Clinton's campaign funds .... which is ILLEGAL.

      She's a complete sleazeball... she's a good fit for you, Dimmy.

    9. Yes, we do know the Republicans didn't find a thing. We know she didn't lie. All you can do is lie about it because you have nothing else to go on. Keep saying it, KKKonnie. The only people who believe it are those who reject facts like you.


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