Confederate History and Heritage: Insurance on property was just as important in 1860's Virginia as it is today...

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Folks, we told you before that our dear old friend Wellington Goddin was quite the entrepreneur of his day. Goddin was pretty much a household name with the movers and shakers of the Civil War era Richmond, Virginia. This guy was a business powerhouse. One thing that Goddin had his little, money grubbing fingers in was insurance. Now folks, we all know how important it is to insure our property from loss. We all know how painful it can be to suffer a loss of property. Heck, that's what insurance is for. It wasn't any different in 1860, in Richmond, Virginia then it is today. Ol' Wellington knew how important property was, so he was one of the Directors for the Virginia Life Insurance Company. These guys insured all kinds of property. You had farms, houses, livestock, slaves... Slaves? Oh yeah, slaves! Think about it. In 1860, in Richmond, Virginia, slaves were property too. Look, slave insurance was important business. Just think, if those white slaveowners farm equipment broke down or became non-functional, who in the heck was going to do all of that work picking that tobacco? Sure as heck wasn't going to be the white plantation owners.  So as you can see, this was an important part of the economy in that day. Thanks to the ad above, which appeared in the Richmond Dispatch, we know that in 1860, you could thankfully insure your human property against loss through the Virginia Life Insurance Company "for one year, or for a term of years." Outstanding! For your reading enjoyment, here is a slave insurance policy written in 1865 by the aforementioned Virginia Life Insurance Company for a slave named "Jerry". They forgot to add poor Jerry's surname to the policy. Awww shux! You can't expect them to remember everything, now can you?

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So folks, clearly this is just more evidence that slavery was not an important part of the Virginia economy in that day. Heck, it couldn't have been the main reason for secession because it just wasn't that important. Really folks, stop reading too much into their own secession documents and statistics and things. THE WAR WAS NOT OVER SLAVERY!

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Just think, this guy Wellington Goddin is someone's ancestor, and they should be awfully proud about the economic empire that he built. Honestly, if I was them, I would celebrate his Confederate triumphs.

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Restoring the honor!


  1. Confirms that northern insurance companies were wallowing in slavery-related money...

  2. The Virginia Life Insurance Co. was a northern insurance company? Huh.

    Whomever this mystery person is, I'm sure she... er, I mean, they are just as proud at how quickly ol' Spineless Wellington was just as quick, and eager, to toss his "heritage" aside to get back into the good graces of the Union.

    1. Don't think too hard on it. It's one of the biggest female names in Confederate Heritage.

    2. sledridge, did you READ the ad? First sentence of the third paragraph:

      "The chief object of the Company is to aid in retaining at home the immense amount of money which goes annually from our State for Life Premiums to Northern Companies."

    3. Yes, I READ the ad. I didn't understand your comment. But, I see what you're referring to now.


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