The Softball Game: Where is the news media?

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The Virginia news media seem to be awfully concerned about the Virginia Flaggers plans to raise a new hate flag in Charlottesville, Virginia. Maybe they should be concerned about the ones that have already been raised, and what kind of people have the hate flags on their property? It's surprising that there's been little to no public outcry about the types of people who are donating land to the Flaggers for their hate flags and their "colorful" beliefs. Even more surprising is what appears to be a conscious effort by the local Virginia news media to completely ignore all of the controversial aspects of the Flaggers. Can anyone at all remember the last time Susan Hathaway was asked a tough question by the news media? Oh, that's right. She leaves all of that up to the true leaders like Barry Isenhour and Connie Chastain. Chew on this for instance. When Raymond Agnor agreed to let the Virginia Flaggers hoist a hate flag on his property in Lexington, Virginia, just raising it alone was controversial, but the controversy was compounded by Agnor's racist newspaper ad which singled out African Americans. 

"Those events led the Virginia Flaggers, a pro-Confederacy group, to pick Lexington as a battleground. The organization placed newspaper ads in the region, looking for people who would be willing to fly its flags on their private property.
In April, Agnor saw one of the solicitations and agreed to have a flag erected on his 32-acre Rockbridge County property, on a hill between billboards for the Natural Bridge Zoo and the Lee Hi Travel Plaza. At least two other large banners attributed to the Virginia Flaggers also appeared in the area. Attempts to reach the organization were unsuccessful."

I'll give The Roanoke Times credit. They at least attempted to get the Virginia Flaggers to address the controversy. As is common with everything controversial about the Flaggers, they have a pretty good policy in place which is working extremely well for them, which is that they never address controversy. It is extremely hard for anyone to nail them down on anything if they just keep quiet. They know that the Virginia news media is too timid and pathetic to do any examination of them or their motives with any kind of tenacity. It's sad really. The news medias job is to do examination, ask tough questions, stay neutral, but be critical. Can you imagine how quickly Susan Hathaway would run away from the camera if an actual journalist pressed her on Hubert Wayne Cash's remarks about blacks being "a worthless bunch of freeloading, dangerous animals that should be put down like the dogs they are" and then asking how she can (with good conscience) allow her hate flag to remain on his property whilst the Heritage community claims it's all about "Heritage not hate"?  The Confederate Heritage movement as a whole and the Virginia Flaggers specifically are hypocrites and many believe they are outright liars. The asleep at the wheel news media has a really good opportunity to start asking tough questions on May 7, 2016, when controversial Pastor John Weaver will be addressing a crowd of Heritage folks assembled by the Virginia Flaggers at Oakwood Cemetery for a Confederate Memorial Day Ceremony. When is the Virginia news media going to start doing their jobs? Is this news or a propaganda press release willingly reprinted? You tell me.

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