Hate Not Heritage: "Religious mainstay of the racist neo-confederate movement" is the featured speaker for the Virginia Flaggers Confederate Memorial Day Ceremony

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The Virginia Flaggers have slated Pastor John Weaver of Fitzgerald, Georgia to be their featured speaker at a Confederate Memorial Day Ceremony at Oakwood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia on May 7, 2016. Weaver is no ordinary Pastor. He has past ties to multiple hate groups and has made many controversial, if not outright racist statements including once claiming that Africans "blessed the Lord for allowing them to be enslaved and sent to America."

Pastor John Weaver. (Image courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center)

“A minister for more than four decades, John Weaver is a religious mainstay of the racist neo-Confederate movement and a man who has recently become a leading proponent of training Christians for armed battle.
Weaver, who earned a bachelor’s in theology from Bob Jones University (which until 2000 banned interracial dating), is the pastor of Freedom Baptist Ministries in Fitzgerald, Ga., and preaches weekly in Waycross, Ga., and Live Oak, Fla. But his interests go way beyond preaching."

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"For years, Weaver was a leading member of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a hate group that opposes interracial marriage and has described black people as a “retrograde species of humanity.” He also long served as chaplain to the Southern heritage group Sons of Confederate Veterans at a time when its leadership was largely controlled by racist extremists.
Weaver was much sought after by extremist groups. In March 2007, for instance, he spoke for five nights at South Pointe Baptist Church in Pelzer, S.C., at a conference sponsored by Christian Exodus. That group was working to get Christians in South Carolina to secede and was led by Cory Burnell, himself a former member of the League of the South (LOS), a neo-secessionist hate group.”

Weaver was a guest on the racist radio program Political Cesspool in April
of 2011. (Image courtesy of Liberty Roundtable)

“In April 2011, Weaver made an appearance on “The Political Cesspool,” a racist radio program run by James Edwards out of Memphis, Tenn., that has featured a veritable “Who’s Who” of the radical right. Others on the show have included former Klan leaders, Holocaust deniers, neo-Nazis and fellow travelers."

Weaver was also a guest on the racist radio program Political Cesspool in January 
of 2011. (Image courtesy of Liberty Rountable)

"Weaver has also taken up weapons in a big way. He recently became a certified instructor for Front Sight, a firearms training institute. At a Georgia LOS meeting in March 2011, he taught members to draw down on an enemy. He taught gun safety at the LOS national convention last July."

Screen capture of the Kaweah Church webpage as it appeared on February 9, 2005. (Image courtesy of the Wayback Machine at Archive.org)

"Also last year, Weaver spoke at the Church of Kaweah, a militant hate group based in California. Today, the church sells tapes of Weaver’s sermons and also features him in a church video entitled, “To Teach Them War.””

To Teach Them War DVD in the defunct Kaweah Church Online Book and Video Store. (Image courtesy of the Wayback Machine at Archive.org)

Some people are ecstatic over Weaver's inclusion in the Virginia Flaggers event:

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Wow. How sad. Looks like the Virginia Flaggers aren't the only group who have nailed Weaver down for an upcoming speaking engagement, so has the hate group the League of the South.

(Image courtesy of the League of the South)

Weaver will be in good company at the hate group conference alongside the likes of former Klan lawyer Sam Dickson, and League of the South Board of Director Mark Thomey. Additionally, Weaver also previously spoke at both the 2013 and 2015 League of the South National Conferences.

Selected videos by Pastor John Weaver:

Additional reading on Pastor John Weaver:

Pastor John Weaver Facebook page

Pastor John Weaver's Profile at Sermonaudio.com


Dominion Ministry 

Jeet Feet You Tube Channel (Note: The channel features Weaver's sermon videos and also Holocaust denial videos)

"The Truth About The Confederate Battle Flag", Pastor John Weaver, Undated (Note: This article is hosted on a webpage run by Steven Monk)

Southern Poverty Law Center Extremist File, John Weaver (Note: Weaver is classified as Neo-Confederate)

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Audio Interview, Political Cesspool, January 15, 2011 (Note: Co-host Winston Smith calls Weaver “The Official Chaplain of Political Cesspool”.)

Audio Interview, Political Cesspool, April 30, 2011

Additional information on groups Weaver is or has been associated with:

League of the South Extremist File, Southern Poverty Law Center

Council of Conservative Citizens Extremist File, Southern Poverty Law Center

James Edwards (The Political Cesspool) Extremist File, Southern Poverty Law Center

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Restoring the honor!


  1. So, we will see what type of comments here from the neo-confederates?
    1. Defending racist preacher.
    2. Rejecting racist preacher (not holding my breath for any here).
    3. The usual silence.

    Let's see what happens!

    1. I think this is shameful. Shame on the Virginia Flaggers.


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