Confederate History and Heritage Month: The seeds of disunion planted (ironically enough) beneath an old live oak tree in Bluffton, South Carolina on July 31, 1844

The "Secession Oak", Bluffton, South Carolina. (Image courtesy of a reader of the blog)

Under a large live oak tree in Bluffton, South Carolina, on July 31st, 1844, Robert Barnwell Rhett did plant the seeds of disunion and birthed what would become known as "The Bluffton Movement". Rhett, who has been described as the "Father of Secession", gave a speech to a warm and receptive crowd beneath this towering live oak tree which still stands today, tucked away in the rear of a upscale development known as Stock Farm.

(Image courtesy of

Ah yes. Let us all take time this month to celebrate a movement to essentially tear our country apart and which sparked a most deadly Civil War. Wonderful, isn't it? Let us all now rejoice and remember the wonderful contribution of these brave and honorable Southern men to our national history.

Here is a handy map which shows the location of the "Secession Oak" in case you'd like to go celebrate yourself:

(Image courtesy of Google Maps)

Restoring the honor!


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