Hate Not Heritage: The Virginia Flaggers drum up hatred from their followers against the "niggers" and "faggits" in Charlottesville, Virginia

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

When the Virginia Flaggers ask their followers if they are "mad enough yet", their followers make it perfectly clear that they are, and they leave no ambiguity as to who they are mad at. 

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

This is the face of Confederate Heritage folks. There's no correction from the Virginia Flaggers to this blatant racism and homophobia on their own Facebook page. We're not surprised. 

A Virginia Flagger supporter issues a challenge. What will the Virginia Flaggers do? (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Will Susan Hathaway and the Virginia Flaggers rise to the occasion to combat these Cultural Marxists? Or are they skeered? 

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Isn't it odd that Susie wants to gripe about hate except when it's right under her own nose, on her own Facebook page?

Restoring the honor!


  1. Cue Connie's defense of their hate in 3...2...1

    1. Don't you love it how Hathaway can make time to bitch about hate at other Facebook pages while she won't even take 5 minutes to clean up the hate on her own page? The Emporer has no clothes, and it's not a pretty sight.

    2. Well it would see that she agrees with one version of hate while denouncing another's opinion.

    3. Well the comments stayed up overnight, so I think it's difficult to claim that they are opposed to that kind of vicious racism and hatred. They must be busy planning another hate flag raising.

    4. "Michael W Baker" could be Corey Meyer.

    5. That would be all the more reason to nuke those sick comments, but alas... Funny, every benign comment I've ever left was gone in minutes. #priorities

    6. Sorry BR...not me...I don't use that language even under an alias

    7. The whole argument is illogical anyway. Why would anyone need to fabricate hate from the Confederate Heritage community when you can just go to their own pages and see it on display on a daily basis?


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