Hate Not Heritage: Butthurt Confederate Heritage hatemongers reportedly issue death threats to black lawyer who is suing Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant

But of course they did. Don't these uppity blacks know who the South belongs to? This is the white man's country. Get with it already. You can't be offended by their Confederate rag because they say so.

Via The Guardian:

"The black civil rights lawyer who has filed a federal lawsuit to remove the Confederate battle emblem from the Mississippi state flag has been forced to employ security protection after receiving a spate of death threats through social media.
Carlos Moore, 39, an attorney from Grenada, Mississippi, has reported several threats to the FBI and local police after he was showered with vitriol following the lodging of his lawsuit on 29 February. In the most blatant verbal attack, a Facebook user purportedly from Corinth, Mississippi, who displays a handgun as his profile picture, posted: “Ok somebody shot [sic] this P.O.S before he infects us all!”
Another Facebook member, apparently from a county abutting Moore’s, posted: “He’s black, they hate white folk – storms happen, lightning strikes, buildings burn.”
Then on Tuesday night a construction worker purportedly from Dallas invoked the assassin of Martin Luther King: “To all the people in Mississippi, Carlos Moore is trying to change your state flag. He is black and think a lot of other things mixed in too… If any of my bro’s out that way need my help to keep your flag the way it is I’m right here. Where is James Earl Ray when you need him.”"

Page 1 of Moore's complaint against Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.
(Image courtesy of carlosmoorelaw.com)

(Image courtesy of Paypal)

Restoring the honor!


  1. ...reportedly issue...?

    Facebook user? Well, that really narrows it down, doesn't There are only over a billion Facebook users...

    Do you begin to understand how stupid your blog is?

    1. I'm sure the FBI have all the info they need.

    2. Any FBI investigation of the Anthony Hervey death? Who had a confrontation with anti-flag/monument protestors just the day before he was killed in a car wreck?

    3. Let me get this straight. An eyewitness told the police they could not corroborate the second vehicle, but the FBI should investigate? There's no physical proof of a second vehicle, but the FBI should investigate?


      At the time this was all fresh, a friend of Arlene's stated on a radio program that she never mentioned a second vehicle to the police even though she mentioned it all over social media?


      Ok, maybe the FBI should investigate after all. I'd start with Arlene if I was them.

  2. When you have no intellect, you resort to violence.


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