Confederate Heritage Humor: Confederate Veterans ARE American Veterans!

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

See folks, most people think that they were just traitors, but we know better, now don't we? Usually, you do fire upon your own forces in war. Right? It's just how it works. I mean, why on earth do you think we honor these brave Confederate American Veterans? We need to celebrate these American Veterans with American symbols.  

The true flag of Confederate American Veterans. (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Every Confederate American Veteran grave should be honored with the flag of their country.

Jimi Hendrix - The Star Spangled Banner

Restoring the honor!


  1. This is one of the more non-sensical things they like to espouse. It's a literally a slap in the face of every US soldier from that period, and really, every one after.

    But, par for the course, in how the statute is misread so as to legitimize their insanity.

    1. Yes, this is one of their more odious claims. They know exactly what they are trying to do.

  2. In point of fact, while Confederates were not U.S. vets by U.S. law, a case could be made that they are American vets for the same reason US vets are ... they both fought for countries that were "of America" and said as much in their names -- The United States OF AMERICA. The Confederate States OF AMERICA.

    1. Oh I see. American Vets and United States Vets are completely different, except for, of course, they are exactly the same thing. Thanks for clarifying. The United States has no obligation to recognize the sham, imaginary government our ancestors created, and they have no duty to honor traitors either.

    2. Are you deliberately playing dumb? Veterans who fought in wars for the United States are U.S. veterans. If they are "American veterans" it's because they fought for a country with "of America" in its name.

      Confederate veterans were also American Veterans, not because of any act of the enemy's Congress but because they fought for a country with "of America" in its name.

      In my view, it is insulting to Confederate soldiers to think that recognition by the enemy's Veterans Administration legitimizes them. The don't need it, they legitimized themselves.

      The Confederate government was not a sham or imaginary, and Confederates were not traitors. Been over and over this. But if you prefer to stew in your pig-headed ignorance, go right ahead. I don't care.

    3. Oh, so now the United States is the enemy? Does that make you an enemy combatant?


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