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BOOM!: Booker T. Washington, rumored cousin of Virginia Flagger head honcho Susan Hathaway, believed that the primary cause of the Civil War was slavery

According to an account in his autobiography Up From Slavery, former slave and apparent cousin to Virginia Flagger head Susan Hathaway, Booker T. Washington was among the many slaves who felt that the primary cause of the Civil War was slavery. That's not going to sit well with the Confederate Heritage crowd. Yikes! How embarrassing, when even your own family can't get on board with the Lost Cause narrative.

An excerpt from Chapter 1 of Up From Slavery: An Autobiography:

"So far as I can now recall, the first knowledge that I got of the fact that we were slaves, and that freedom of the slaves was being discussed, was early one morning before day, when I was awakened by my mother kneeling over her children and fervently praying that Lincoln and his armies might be successful, and that one day she and her children might be free. In this connection I have never been able to understand how the slaves throughout the South, completely ignorant as were the masses so far as books…

The Happy Slave: Susan Hathaway's cousin Booker T. Washington... maybe...

Get ready for a heartwarming story about one of the many triumphs of African bondage.

Chapter 1 of "An Autobiography. The Story of my Life and Work: Booker T. Washington, 1856-1915":

“Many requests have been made of me to write something of the story of my life. Until recently I have never given much consideration to these requests, for the reason that I have never thought that I had done enough in the world to warrant anything in the way of an autobiography; and I hope that my life work, by reason of my present age, lies more in the future than in the past. My daughter, Portia, said to me, not long ago: "Papa, do you know that you have never told me much about your early life, and your children want to know more about you." Then it came upon me as never before that I ought to put something about my life in writing for the sake of my family, if for no other reason.

I will not trouble those who read these lines with any lengthy historical research concerning my ancest…

ZOMG!: Southern White Nationalist hired to work with neglected and abused children

This is insane. A government agency hired Southern White Nationalist Matthew Heimbach as a case worker who would have contact with neglected and abused children.

That's right, the guy standing under the flaming swastika washired to work with children by a government agency.

Note: The Virginia Flaggers have never disavowed or condemned Matthew Heimbach, nor have they apologized for letting him march in solidarity with them.

Restoring the honor!

Well looky here...

LOL! Arlene Barnum and Al Arnold? Why didn't you slip Brother HK a couple of dollars for a quote while you were at it? More on Barnum and Arnold. Sound choices for sure! That proves it folks. Real live black people. Not racist. 

Restoring the honor!

Thank you Captain Obvious!: Nikki Haley is finished as Governor of South Carolina

Leave it to Susie's heavy hitter to point out the obvious. Nikki Haley is in her second term as Governor of South Carolina, a term which will end, thanks to term limits (not the Confederate flag) in 2019. Due to the law, Haley isn't eligible to run for reelection again. 

But don't let that stop the Cucks from trying to convince you that the Confederate flag is her downfall. 

Is it not hilarious what hypocrites these pathetic Cuckfederates are? Nikki Haley has to go, but Trump is their man in 2016? That's right folks, these poor excuses for protectors of Confederate Heritage have boarded the Chump Train, even though the Donald thinks the rag needs to go in a museum. But let's clear something up right now, this post is NOT about supporting Trump! Capisce?

I said, this post is NOT about Trump!

Seriously, it's NOT about Trump.

What don't you people get? This post is NOT about Trump.

Revisionist History: Do you remember that time the South was invaded by the North?

Yeah, neither do I. 

Pulp - Do You Remember The First Time?

The South. Making shit up since 1865...

Restoring the honor!

Truth Crushed to Earth: A pair of bad publicity news reports for the Virginia Flaggers, as their newest hate flag is mistaken for the work of the Ku Klux Klan

Traditionally, the Virginia Flaggers have been on the receiving end of pretty favorable news coverage of the hate flags they have been raising around the Commonwealth since 2013. Rarely does the Virginia news media ask the group any tough questions, and even rarer do you see the name Susan Hathaway quoted in news reports. We don't think that is an accident. Hathaway you see, has to be protected at all costs. She is the reigning "Queen Bee" of Confederate Heritage. Suck-ass Confederates line-up for miles and miles just for a chance to brown nose Hathaway. When any movement has such a carefully crafted personality, so much larger than life as Hathaway, the movement needs to build a protective cocoon around that personality so that the nasty "Yankee news media" can't subject their star to any tough questions. Tough questions are kryptonite to the Virginia Flaggers. This week however, cracks seem to be appearing in the cocoon as two different news reports port…

Confederate Cray Cray: Connie Chastain's "White Genocide"

White Genocide is a conspiracy theory/myth concocted and frequently shared by White Supremacists and other assorted racists to try and scare the bejeezus out of other white people. What the myth really refers to, is the fact that whites are being demographically displaced in our country and are anticipated to become a minority by around 2020. The reason they call it "genocide" is to make people think it's a life or death situation. Of course, that's asinine, as other racial groups have existed as minorities for very long periods of time and haven't gone extinct. They are basically overstating the importance of this reality as a scare tactic to foment hate for minority ethnic groups. The theory has been widely touted by nice people like:

 David Duke

The Neo-Nazi webpage Daily Stormer

and the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan

The "White Genocide" myth is rarely discussed outside of circles of out and out, full blown racists and White Supremacists, except tha…

Virginia Flagger supporter Raymond Agnor discovers the wonderful world of social media

Oh my. What's a "nig. card"?

Do we need to remind you that the Virginia Flaggers have a hate flag flying on this mans property? Make Susie proud Ray!

Oh boy.

Yes, it's that Raymond Agnor

Honestly, we aren't surprised that the Virginia Flaggers wouldn't answer the media's questions about Agnor's ban on African Americans coming to enjoy their flag. Par for the course.

The Virginia Flagger hits keep coming...

Only the Virginia Flaggers could view bad publicity as #winning. Via the Progress-Index:

"Virginia Flaggers spokesman Barry Isenhour said the group chooses to place flags in places of historical significance to Confederate history. The site in Prince George, located on private property, has been named in honor of Confederate Lt. Gen. Wade Hampton III, who later served as governor of South Carolina and a U.S. senator.The southern general was behind the “beefsteak raid,” in September of 1864, which occurred within a mile of the flag site. Under Hampton’s leadership, Confederate troops successfully crossed into the Union camp and stole over 2,000 cattle.“It emphasizes not only the ingenuity of the Confederacy going to the Union lines and taking their cattle, but also the desperate need of the Confederate soldiers in Petersburg,” Isenhour said. “They were starving.”According to the Civil War Trust, Hampton inherited his family’s South Carolina plantation which had “one of the largest…

Pat Hines is not happy!


The Virginia Flaggers raise Hate Flag# 18 just south of Petersburg, Virginia

Yesterday was a great day for Confederate Heritage, as the Virginia Flaggers raised Hate Flag #18 just south of Petersburg, Virginia on South Crater Rd

The location was confirmed on aFacebook post by Flagger head Susan Hathaway as being inthevicinity of Mile Marker #40 in Prince George, Virginia

It looks like you can send your thanks to James Bibb and "Just Go Detecting"(Link 2) for the hoisting of the hate flag, according to social media posts by the Virginia Flaggers.

Bibb sounds proud of his efforts to raise the cold, hard cash necessary to hoist the hate flag. Great job Confederates!

We've added Hate Flag #18 to our Hate Flag Tracker Map which you can view here. It turns out that at least one Red Shirt made an appearance after all. How fitting.

Congratulations Virginia Flaggers! Nobody does hate flags more, better than you!