For my dearest Connie: The origins of the Klan organized rally at Stone Mountain

Original message announcing the organization of a rally at Stone Mountain, note the post is dated October 14th. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Which came first? You tell me.

Private message to a Facebook sock puppet asking the sock puppet if it knew who was organizing the event at Stone Mountain, note the message is dated October 15th. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

So wait a second. Greg "Thor Henderson" Calhoun was already organizing the Stone Mountain event before Wesley Sitton was checking around trying to find out who was organizing it? That's weird.

Southern Rebel Patriots confirms a guy named "Wesley" is helping
promote their Klan organized rally.
ge courtesy of Facebook)

Oh no. That's inconvenient for Connie

Notice the date that the Defend Stone Mountain event by Protect The South was created, October 15th. Oops. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

So is this:

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

And this:

Rally organizer Greg Calhoun in Klan robe and hood featuring an Aryan Nations/Ku Klux Klan emblem. (Image courtesy of VK)

And this:

Rally organizer Greg Calhoun at the rally in Stone Mountain wearing a jacket with a Klan emblem patch. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

And this:

Rally organizer Jodi Calhoun wearing an International Keystone Knights t-shirt in front of a Ku Klux Klan flag. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Now, wait just a dag-gone minute! Why is Protect the South liking the White Power rally???

(Image courtesy of Facebook)


Restoring the honor!


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