Hate Not Heritage: Black Confederate Rebel Andrew Duncomb exposes apparent Klan sympathizer Jim "Stonewall" Horky

Black Rebel Andrew Duncomb calls out an apparent Klan sympathizer. (Image courtesy of Facebook) 

Not everyone in the Confederate Heritage movement is sitting idly by and doing nothing or playing footsies under the table with the White Power crowd. Enter Black Rebel Andrew Duncomb. He's taking to task a Confederate Heritage faker named Jim "Stonewall" Horky of Greenville, South Carolina. This Horky fella is a real piece of work! It all started with this comment left on the Facebook page of the leader of the Confederates of Michigan, Steve Panther.

Looks like Jim "Stonewall" Horky was feelin' kinda froggy. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Ol' Stonewall touched off a real shitstorm by defending the Ku Klux Klan which eventually made it's way to Black Confederate Andrew Duncomb who wasn't too happy about it to say the least. Duncomb noticed that he had 75 mutual Facebook friends with this Jackweed and issued an ultimatum to his Facebook following to ditch Horky.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

But don't worry because Ol' Horky, he's not worried about any old "low I.Q. negro".

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Of course, Horky looks just like your average ol' Confederate Heritage activist for the most part.

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Of course Horky IS just like your average ol' Confederate Heritage activist even attending the first annual Sovereignty Day Rally in South Carolina alongside the likes of HK Edgerton and rally organizer Tyler Bessenger of the South Carolina Secessionist Party. You may recall that the rally had a wee bit of trouble and needed a helping hand from none other than Kirk David Lyons of the Southern Legal Resource Center in helping to pressure South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to reinstate their permit after having it pulled only days before the planned rally.

Apparent Klan apologist Jim "Stonewall" Horky participates in the first annual Sovereignty Day Rally organized by Tyler Bessenger.  (Image courtesy of Facebook)

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Of course the real Confederate treat is Horky's personal Facebook page, which is full of everything you've come to know and expect of the Confederate Heritage movement, and by that we mean HATE. Horky shared a photo gallery of his Sovereignty Day Rally excursion which was in turn re-posted by apparent Virginia Flagger BFF Raymond Agnor of all people. Can you imagine?

Ol' Stonewall's photo gallery. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Raymond Agnor (or someone claiming to be Raymond Agnor) shares Ol' Horky's photo gallery. What are friends for? (Image courtesy of Facebook)

But wait! There's more. Horky has all of your loving and inclusive touchstones on his Facebook page. You name it, he's got you covered. Topics like Holocaust denial:

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Adolf Hitler idolatry:

How can we forget that the Nazis were the good guys during World War II? (Images courtesy of Facebook)

David Eden Lane and the "14 Words", check:

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Horky's link directs you to whiteresister.com, a webstore specializing in Nazi and White Power themed products.

(Image courtesy of whiteresister.com)

Just a few of whiteresister.com's products:

(T-shirt images courtesy of whiteresister.com)

Nazi Black Sun, it's in there:

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

He's even got your White Nationalist's like National Policy Institute and Vdare covered:

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

You know, you're typical Confederate Heritage fare. LOL!

Restoring the honor!


  1. I'm going to contact jim,about this and every comment on here you defam someone They will be getting contacted I suggest you start deleting fast

    1. Why should he delete what is on the open Internet? He does not have to delete a thing. Speaking the truth about someone is not defamation. And if you don't like it, I suggest you take it up with Justice Antonin Scalia who is on record saying lying is a First Amendment right.

      Defamation is a very difficult charge to secure a conviction on. You have to prove that the individual who said X deliberately uttered a false statement meant to cause injury. In none of the cases you have claimed so far on this blog has Rblee made a completely false statement. In fact, he has provided documentation via screen shots which are statements uttered by the people themselves. No prosecutor is going to take this to a courtroom.

      In fact, in this particular thread, the person you want to contact has uttered false statements. The Holocaust did occur. The proof is irrefutable. This guy would have to go on the stand and a kid lawyer right out of law school would tear him apart on that alone. It would never reach that point because I doubt a judge would even allow the case to reach a courtroom.

    2. I thought that they were bored with me, but apparently not because the comments are coming in faster then I can approve them.

    3. Jimmy makes a good point. Every single thing posted in this blog post was openly posted on the man's Facebook page. It is impossible for images of the man's own posts to be defamatory. If they are, he should sue himself.

      As for Duncomb calling him out for being a Klan supporter, it doesn't sound like Ol' Stonewall is too concerned about some "low I.Q. negro".

    4. It is like kicking an ant hill. It is also so predictable. Squawk and talk, but no real facts.

    5. Rblee email me if you want another story on billy roper look him up
      Ps justin tell horky i will always win people are tired of shit stainers as confederate supporters heriatage not hate .... Not about the black man or white man but the right man

    6. Mr. Dincomb just like with the Police has a blue wall of silence, there is a red wall of Confederate silence. Sir there are two parallel Confederate Heritage movements. One is based in conviction like yourself, the other is filled with hate group members who pretend to be on your side but who hide their racist beliefs. Sir, unfortunately, even though they really are parallel movements, they aren't. Those same people who would call you a "nigger" behind your back may very well be the same people standing shoulder to shoulder with you waving your flag. I hate that Mr. Duncomb. I am trying to stop that, Please keep an open mind when reading the blog. My fight is not with you Sir, it is with the racists that are making your battle so difficult.

      I have written stories about Mr. Roper. He is helping to organize a hate rally at Stone Mountain as we speak, only they call it "Pride" and White Power. We know exactly what White Power means, and it has nothing to do with peace and love for all mankind.

  2. Jim burton you wanna play too this low iq negro is pretty smart

    1. Mr. Duncomb. Welcome to Restoring the Honor. Is that really you? Sir, I'd like to say that while we disagree about your cause, in actuality you and I are fighting the exact same fight. I have no problem with people who want to remember their ancestors, but we have to face a very awful truth, that the Confederate Heritage movement for far too long has been infiltrated by and in a big way taken over by hateful people masquerading as "Heritage Not Hate". Before you run with a knee-jerk reaction that we are enemies, I'd invite you to read through the pages of this blog and really contemplate some of the things you will read and most importantly, who is saying them. I think you might see some recognizable names. It is such a shame the uphill battle you have to fight because of your Heritage being hijacked.

      Sir, I for one am sickened by some of the things I have seen from the Heritage movement in the last year. It's truly unfortunate that the movement allows some of these people to be the biggest and loudest voices. It is no wonder they are removing your symbols. Perhaps the Confederate Heritage movement would have been better served by not embracing silly made-up narratives such as mass numbers of Black Confederste soldiers? Everyone knows that this is not the case because there is no evidence for it. It is hairbrained ideas like this that marginalize people such as yourself.

      I got one was really shocked that a man would put on a Confederate soldiers uniform and wave your flag all the while demeaning you as a "low IQ negro", but unfortunately, that is the sad state of affairs that is the Confederate Heritage movement.

      Sir, I have desperately been trying to find even one Confederate Heritage activist who has the conviction to stand up to the haters that are so pervasive in your movement. Unfortunately at every turn I am met with excuses, lies and attack.

      I do commend you though Sir on taking the fight to racists who have taken over your movement, and I wish you much success in taking your Heritage back from them. Good luck Sir, I hope that you have better luck than I.

    2. I almost forgot, I have an update to this post that I think you need to see. I am traveling at the moment, but at my earliest convenience will post it for you to see. I think it will turn your stomach as it did mine.


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