The Very Lost Cause: Another brick in the wall of the Lost Cause Black Confederate narrative

I'm speechless...

“A young man—Confederate flunkie: At the start of the Civil War, Turner, Jr., was between nineteen and twenty-one years old. Family research shows he served as a “body servant” for two Confederate soldiers and there is one reference to him as an “orderly” for Robert E. Lee (although unverified). Being a flunkie, orderly, or servant for Confederate soldiers was routine duty for many enslaved men of his age. Although, it must be known that these men would have fought, if needed.”

Although he writes that there is but one reference to his great great grandfather as an orderly for Confederate General Robert E. Lee, a fact he writes is "unverified", author Al Arnold titles his e-book "Robert E. Lee's Orderly". Charles Kelly Barrow would be proud.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Replies
    1. As a fellow author, you need to read this. Instant classic.

    2. I do! But you already knew that.

      Hey quick question Connie, why is your name listed as a supporter of the KKK by Anonymous?

    3. Might have something to do with this?


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