Stone Mountain Klan organized rally update

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Alleged Klansman "Gene Wolfe", identified as a Klansman in yesterday's Anonymous dox is claiming that even more Klansmen are coming to the rally. We previously reported that the International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were claiming that 76 Klansmen were confirmed. Wolfe's Facebook account URL ends in "WHITEWOLFE311". 311 is numerical code for Ku Klux Klan as the 3 denotes "3 Elevens", with the 11th letter of the alphabet being "K".

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

Connie Chastain will undoubtedly try to argue illogical mumbo jumbo when she should be getting on the horn to the International Keystone Knights and Gene Wolfe, and asking them why they are making her look so stupid.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Quote: 311 is numerical code for Ku Klux Klan as the 3 denotes "3 Elevens", with the 11th letter of the alphabet being "K".

    Interesting. You know that from your time in the KKK? You do seem to know an awful lot of inside info ... just like Liberty "Kill Whitey" Lamp does....

    We'll just see how many people who come to the rally are kluckers and how many are heritage folks. We can't stop them from coming, but I'm skeptical of these numbers. Anybody can get on the Internet and say anything....

  2. I'm not looking stupid. You're looking like a liar. None of the rally pages I've seen say it is a KKK event, or is being organized by them -- only you and the SPLC, which lies for money, are saying that. In case your reading comprehension is on the fritz, lemme help you. The rally is "Protect the South's" event. From :Protect the South's event page: "Chris Hill -- Georgia Security Force III% and Allies will be on site using our 2nd Amendment Right to Protect your 1st Amendment Right. Intel reports KKK will not be attending. Black Liberation Militia, if they are on site, are expected to be very few in numbers."

    1. You're right. You're looking really stupid.

    2. I know what is going to be on-site. Several photographers documenting all of the faces of people belonging to Heritage groups side by side with Klansmen. Say cheese everyone. Go ahead, tell people to go, you're only hurting your own cause.

      All will be revealed soon.

    3. Nothing is hidden, so if something is revealed, it will be a lie.


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