Southern White Supremacists arrested allegedly trying to buy weapons for a race war

Robert Doyle and Ronald Chaney. (Image courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center)

A trio of Southern White Supremacists have been arrested for allegedly trying to buy guns for a race war.

"Two white supremacists trying to buy weapons to bomb and shoot churches and synagogues have been charged with attempting to buy guns and explosives from undercover federal agents, according to a federal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Virginia.
Robert C. Doyle, 34, of Chester, and Ronald Beasley Chaney III, 33, were both charged with conspiracy to possess firearms after having been convicted of felonies, according to criminal complaints filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Richmond. A third man, Charles D. Halderman, 30, was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.
“Doyle and Chaney, and others known and unknown to the FBI, ascribe to a white supremacy extremist version of the Asatru,” the federal criminal complaint reads, adding that the men “discuss[ed] acting out in furtherance of their extremist beliefs by shooting or bombing the occupants of black churches and Jewish synagogues, conducting acts of violence against persons of the Jewish faith.” 
The investigation stemmed from several meetings, including one in October when Doyle and Chaney met with an undercover FBI agent posing as an illegal arms dealer. Doyle placed an order for an automatic weapon, explosives and a pistol with a silencer, the criminal complaint states. The meeting was recorded by undercover federal agents, as plans were laid to rob and kill a local silver and jewelry dealer and robbed an armored car.
Doyle said he “wanted to use the proceeds from the illegal acts to purchase and stockpile weapons and train for the coming race war,” investigators said.  
Then, last Sunday, Chaney met with three undercover federal agents and gave them cash for the weapons, and “handled two firearms, silencers, as well as explosives, with the intent to purchase the weapons,” the criminal complaint said. Both men were arrested and remain in custody.
A search of Doyle’s house after the arrest turned up 30 rounds of .45-caliber ammunition from a black backpack.
Federal officials say Doyle and Chaney ascribe to Asatru, an offshoot of the racist Odinist religion that emphasizes the magical elements of pre-Christian European polytheism. Its adherents are few, though it is officially recognized as a religion in Iceland, where its architects have avoided racist interpretations of its Eurocentric cosmology."

Criminal Complaint for Charles D. Halderman 

Criminal Complaint for Ronald Beasley Chaney III

Criminal Complaint for Robert C. Doyle

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Restoring the honor!


  1. More on the story? Possible Confederate connection? Whatsa matter, taking a little more time than you anticipated to fabricate the "links and ties"? LOL!

    1. Best I can tell of a "Confederate connection" is one is supposedly a descendant of a Confederate soldier... 70,000,000 other people in the USA.

    2. I'm going to hold off on the Confederate connection for now. I'll go as far as to say that he may be related (as in family) to someone we all know and love who is also related (by association) to the Flaggers. That's all I'm going to say on it for now. The info is out there if you want it, all you have to do is look.

  2. If these guys had been from Pennsylvania, would you have called them "Northern white supremacists"? If they'd been from Illinois, would you have called them "Midwestern white supremacists?" Your bigotry and hatred for Southerneres glows around you like an aura.

    1. Do you have a problem with our free speech rights?

    2. I asked a question and made an observation about your bigotry; I didn't say anything about having a problem with any of your rights....

    3. No you didn't. You questioned why I wrote what I wrote. The answer is because freedom. Now you run along and make some more videos for the SLRC to share. Go on, git.

    4. It was a logic question to ask. And no, not because freedom ... because your bigotry.

      This is the last video I made and as far as I know, the SLRC hasn't shared it.

      If you are this mistaken about everything you post here, you whole flippin' blog is an abominable mirage....

    5. I could have sworn it was your work. Oh well. Someone has "tripped" me up again, I guess.


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