I don't think so Connie No-Brain, you're not going to come onto my blog and call me a liar

Blog comment left by "Ozzy MacFearchar" with information allegedly obtained from a Pastebin posted in July, but just now current news. (Image courtesy of Gmail)

The difference between you and I you big toad, is I DON'T LIE. My shits backed up, while yours is all just running off at your big, fat mouth. Next time you want to call me a damned liar, you better come with facts. Capisce?

Connie Chastain calls me a liar and in the process shows everyone what a fool she is. (Image courtesy of Blogger)

Restoring the honor!


  1. You ARE a liar because none of what you posted about me from the fake Anonymous kkk list, either with or without the blue text, is "sensitive" information. It's all readily available online, most of it is easily found with a Google search.

    I don't lie, either. I posted an essay ate Pastebin showing why the list (where your "Ozzy MacFearchar" got the info he brought here) showing why the info on that list is fake, a lie, and not the result of hacking by the Anonymous Hacker Collective.

    And guess what. The Anonymous Hacker Collective has today verified that I AM RIGHT:



    De'Stroy, yore pants is on fire....

    1. I beg to differ dumb ass, addresses and telephone numbers ARE sensitive information, which is why I REMOVE THEM. I have a personal policy of not posting that information, because I do not want anyone going after anyone, or attempting to do harm to anyone. Regardless of how that info was obtained, I personally think that is highly unethical for people to repost it. Which is also why I don't use or allow violent rhetoric, because I'm not in the business of firing people up so that they go do stupid stuff like toss bombs into Walmart's. By the way, "Dumb Ass" is one of my terms of endearment for you.

      He's not MY anything, and you don't know where he (or she) got that info from. If you do, I suspect you probably know who put that Pastebin up to begin with. What I find extremely odd is that the Pastebin is from July, but "all of a sudden" you're receiving all kinds of hate mail (a claim you guys have not backed up). I don't buy any of it myself. I think it's extremely likely this is just more political opportunism on your part, but there will be no Reichstag Fire for you.

      Actually, you FAIL at life again because neither of those stories mentions the Virginia Flagger/Fake Anon flap. You are trying to meld two separate stories together. And you guys know a thing or two about fake Anon's right?


    2. By the way turd blossom, I love how you tell people that the two unrelated news articles confirm your claim that the real Anon did not create this Pastebin.


      You know what I find interesting? I've never used Pastebin in my life, but oddly enough, you seem to be an expert. Strange coincidence, right? I don't believe in coincidences, just sayin'.

    3. You posted Pastebin information send to you by your "guest" -- "Ozzy MacFearchar" (if he's not you). Yep, I developed my Pastebin expertise over 24 hours (I'd never heard of it or visited the site until about 5 p.m. Sunday evening).

      The two links to media stories (reporting Anonymous claims that no kkk information that appears before Nov. 5 is from them) are not unrelated.

      An address and phone number online is no more sensitive than an address and phone number in a paper phone book...they still have those, you know. If someone has kept that info private (for example, an unlisted phone number), and someone else releases it, THEN they are releasing sensitive information.

      Your whole blog is an incitement for people to hate Southern heritage folks, which I'm sure is exactly what you intend; and hate is just one step from victimizing, which has already happened (so far, just property damage, thank goodness)....

      And yes, on Monday, Anon released the info that it has not put any KKK info online, and won't do so until Nov 5 -- meaning everything posted before then is NOT their creation. Two different news outlets picked up that info and reported it, so yes, they are related. (Actually, more than two reported it, but I only linked to two).

      When are you going to put your own identifying information online, you coward?

    4. 1) That person was no more my "guest" then you are.

      2) They are certainly unrelated as they pertain to the story of the Virginia Flaggers, both of those stories reference the release of the politicians information, which is a totally unrelated but coincidental storyline. Again, you are trying to tie two separate stories together because they are similar, but not the same. Those two stories do not prove what you claim.

      3) Oh, thanks for admitting it's no big deal. Now Susie can stop crying. Now I question whether or not it is a news story at all. Certainly seems like the Flaggers are begging for people's sympathy. To be honest, I think this is all a big publicity stunt. Like I said, the Pastebin is dated July, it's November, and now, miraculously, people just all of a sudden found the info and started harassing the Flaggers en masse? Like I said, I think this is nothing more than political opportunism.

      That's fine, it's not "sensitive" info to you, I still will err on the side of caution with my own personal policy of NOT publishing that info. You won't give me even a shred of credit for that, only continue to try and lump me in with people who have an opposite policy, but that's fine. People can read, they can see that what I am saying is the truth, while they can also see that what you are saying isn't.

      4) I do not incite anyone. At no time have I ever urged anyone to do harm to anyone. You have repeatedly made this claim, and yet when I ask you to prove it you go do other things. Again, people can see you are lying about this because if you weren't you'd be detailing every instance of it right now. You are a very bad liar.

      5) I never thought anything other than that. I never for one second believed or thought that Anon was responsible for this. That news station is just another willing pawn in your public relations game. If they're too stupid to figure it out, or just willingly in the tank, shame on them. I think that entire story is a fabrication. July to November. July to November. July to November. Yep, I smell bullshit.

    5. The list that had Southern heritage people on it also had Congressman Joe Wilson, a POLITICIAN. And regardless, the list targeting heritage folks appeared BEFORE Nov 5, making it NOT a creation of the Anonymous collective. The Pastebin document could have been created with minimal info and uploaded in July, and edited to include the list later. Geez, I can't believe this is having to be spelled out for you.

      Your whole blog exists for the purpose of smearing heritage people and drumming up hatred for them. Hatred sometimes begets violence. The right thing to do is to not drum up hatred for people and thus not take the chance that it will move somebody to violence.

    6. Wow. Look at the big brains on Connie. So what you're saying is that the facts didn't stop you from running crying to the news media over all the mean names a bunch of internet trolls called you on Twitter? Is it a big deal or not? On one hand Susan is crying about her 411 being released, and on the other hand you're all like N.B.D..

      You're not spelling anything out for me, I understood from Jump Street.

      Smearing? So telling people a true fact like the Virginia Flaggers have been promoting a KKK organized rally on Facebook for close to a week now is "smearing" people. I thought you guys didn't want to be associated with them??? I'm not drumming up anything. I'm putting out facts that you don't care to refute, such as the aforementioned sharing of the details of a Klan organized rally (still there as we speak by the way). You call it whatever you want, it won't change the fact that I have facts on my side while all you have is a bunch of marble mouth nonsense.

    7. Cried to news media? I haven't cried to the news media about anything. The MOST I do re: the media is to leave comments (if the cowards allow them).

      You do not have facts on your side because there are many you don't know about. If you knew them, you wouldn't be able to skew the ones you do know the way you do on this blog.

      You obviously get your "information" from Facebook, where you've probably hacked some closed groups and got info from them, or joined under a fraudulent profiles, or have somebody in the group spy for you. These are old Alinsky-ite methods used by your side for years, and practiced by virtually all your flogger buddies... but what you find that way is not all the facts, and many facts you don't know about are crucial to knowing the truth. But then, you're not interested in truth, are you? You're interested in smearing...

    8. Yes, I notice you still offer no facts, and ignore the fact that there's no smearing. You cannot be smeared with the truth. You won't even say the words Ku Klux Klan rally because you know exactly what I'm referring to, which is why you totally ignored it.

    9. You're a liar. A handful of kkk-types getting on FB and SAYING they will attend an event doesn't make it a kkk sponsored event.

    10. Sponsored? No sweetheart, they are organizing it. You can just go ahead and stop now. I've been following this since day 1.



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